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burial of victorian bridge in Cumbria must be reversed, says advice | Cumbria

government road agency will be forced to remove hundreds of tons of the concrete he used to fill the arch of a Victorian bridge despite offering a £450,000 sweetener. allow controversial scheme to stay.

The planning committee of the Eden District Council opposed the proposal, deciding unanimously to deny permission for National Highways (NH) retrospective planning. for rough stuffing project in Great Musgrave, Cumbria it was widely condemned as “cultural vandalism”.

Widespread protest over last year scheme prompted government-ordered pause agency plans fill or demolish dozens of other historic railroad bridges elsewhere in United Kingdom.

planning committee decision means that the agency will required reverse project which flooded the 1862 bridge arch near Kirby Stephen in 1644 tons of gravel and concrete cost of £124,000. Council said it will now serve NH with executive notice to restore the bridge to its previous state.

Victorian Bridge at Great Musgrave before and after backfill with concrete and aggregate governmentroad agency
Victorian Bridge at Great Musgrave, Cumbria, before and after backfill. with concrete and aggregate governmentroad agency

decision comes after advice received more over 900 objections to the scheme, and only two in support. This marks a victory for activists who claimed that the bridge was constructively sound as well as required only inexpensive re-repair to make it safe. They are also claimed that filling the bridge over an abandoned railway line would interfere plans reunite two historic railroads in Eden valley.

AT last-ditch suggests trying avoid embarrassment and is valued at £431,000. cost of removing the infill, NH offered £450,000 to renovate other structures. on another stretch of abandoned railway near Great Musgrave if concrete pouring were allowed remain.

head of Helen Rossiter, spokesperson for NH’s historic rail development program, told the committee that if she approved the application, NH money it would be wasted on removal of padding to improve other legacy structures in Eden Valley.

She is also claimed that the filling of the Great Musgrave Bridge was necessary to make it safe, and said that it might be removed if viable use for the abandoned line under the bridge could be found.

cash the proposal was supported by David Pemberton, director of Railroad Trails, a charity that owns the structures and will main beneficiary of donation. Pemberton said, money would help reopen seven miles of abandoned track north between Warkop and Appleby.

But members of the commission followed the advice of their planning officers, who in report last week recommended that the building permit be denied.

In the council assistant’s report development director Fergus McMorrow, said the NH filling was caused “significant damage to the appearance of bridge” and “cannot supplement or improve area or protect features or characteristics of local importance.”

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Graeme Bickerdyke, Member of The HRE group, which is working to protect the historic railway estate, said against Appendix.

With reference to offer of £450,000 for nearby buildings, he told the committee: “Questions concerning other local railways assets obviously not related to this application.

After decision he said, “We are clearly delighted.”

“Under my new approach to managing the historic railroad estate, NH has committed to submit planning applications for all filling schemes. Like this one was rejected, we expect the company to respect the result of democratic process and remove 1600 tons of aggregate and concrete.

“National Highways must recognize the power of feeling over this is issue and its many negative consequences. Concerns have been raised about the company’s behavior and reputational damage. on civil engineering profession. They are need do the right thing but don’t seem to understand the concept. |

“Of course, now everyone understands that the line should be drawn under this sorry saga; the only one way make it mean allow Great Musgrave Bridge to reopen role as a valuable heritage asset with potentially useful future”.

After decision Rossiter said: “We respect the decisions of the Eden District Council. decision regarding our Great Musgrave retention planning application and it will not be attractive.

“We listened to the feedback on this is issue and earlier it year changed our processes to ensure full planning permission is requested before out work like this is in in future.

“We will also no longer consider filling of any structures included of our future plans, unless there is absolutely no alternative.”

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