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Bullets in a polling station in Iraq..a policeman makes a mistake

After a rumor of an armed attack on a polling station caused confusion in Iraq, the security forces clarified the truth of what happened. Electoral centers in Diyala province. And he explained in a statement, according to what the Iraqi News Agency reported today, Sunday, that some social networking sites and media circulated news of a security problem or an armed attack at a polling station in Diyala and the occurrence of shooting, but the incident was just a mistake.

Accidental fire

He also added that one of the soldiers fired his gun by mistake, which led to the death of another soldier, and the injury of a security element within the Hamrin sector of the First Division, within a concentrated protection cordon

The local media reported earlier that an armed attack had taken place on an electoral center in Diyala and the injury of two soldiers. Yahya Rasoul, had announced earlier today that the security forces are fully prepared to act in the face of any threat facing this democratic entitlement.

from a polling station in Iraq (AFP)

He also affirmed that the security forces are neutral, and are ready to ensure the safety of all voters in the country.

It is noteworthy that the polls were opened at The number of voters was very few at that time, although it increased slightly later, according to what the Al-Arabiya correspondent explained.

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