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Bulldozers intervene to demolish a 6-storey building in Delhi amid loud protests

Residents were seen chanting slogans against Police that provide security for citizens body.

New Delhi:

Controversial persistence of anti-infringement drive in The national The civilian capital ruled by the Bharatiya Janata Party body Rolled today in Madanpur green in Southeast Delhi and demolished many buildings which it considered illegal construction. Amid loud protests by local residents who They claimed they received no prior notice, and bulldozers were seen trying to demolish a six-The store building in The area. number of armed workers with can hammers also can be seen bombing in building from the inside.

Adam’s Public Party (AAP) MLA Amanatullah Khan, who I recently managed to stop a similar file drive in Shaheen Bagh was present at the scene. He claimed that the buildings were not illegal.

“I’m ready to go to jail If he saves homes of poor fellow people. There is no infringement here. I will support them (civilian body) in Demolition if there is any infringement” news ANI Agency.

The protest turned violent, as stones were thrown, and the police resorted to an attack in Khartoum firing Tear gas shells to disperse an angry crowd. visuals how Big group of people run away like the police use force And fire Tear gas shells.

The locals accused civil body of rampant corruption claiming that they were aware of all construction in The area I allowed it after taking bribes from builders but now rolled around in with Bulldozers without even giving any notice.

Residents were seen chanting slogans against Police that provide security for citizens body while it continues to operate. The police can be heard warning The protesters said over the megaphone that action would be taken against them if they continue their protest.

civic body king on I got pregnant on Wednesday out demolition engines in The city of Najaf, Dwarka, and Ludhi Colony. leaders of Congress and the Adami Public Party alleged that the buildings had been arbitrarily destroyed.

Congress leader Abhishek Dutt in Videos posted on His Twitter account said that party Will not let the ‘bucket of I hate it” run in The national capital. He wondered why such action had not been taken against farm houses of the wealthy.

If the BJP wants it run bulldozers should run With them on Unemployment and fuel price rise,” he said. “They should run bulldozers on Chinese transgression on the border. We are ready to accompany them.”

Municipal body Conduct anti-infringement campaigns in Multiple parts of Delhi. demolition in Jahangirpuri, right after the communal clashes in The area Made the headlines with Opposition leaders question its timing and motives.

Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) has come under fire after being labeled by locals and opposition parties as anti-encroachment. drive Politically motivated and timed just as a civilian body’s term finish on May 18.


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