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Buffalo Shooting: Breaking News and Biden’s Address

President Biden went to Buffalo on Tuesday to meet families of victims of shooting, as well as local law enforcement, first defendants and community leaders. The President was joined several New York officials, including Governor Kathy Hochul, Senators Chuck Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand, and Mayor Byron W. Brown, first Black mayor. This transcript has been slightly cropped for clarity.

Majority Leader Schumer, Senator Gillibrand and Congressman Higgins, and Governor, thank you for I take my call when I called.

And Mayor Brown, you were–you were wonderful. Thank you. And I know it’s a lot of – when a vice-presidential or presidential trip shows upthis – there are all sorts of belongings and people and me know It is not simple.

I want to thank your law enforcement officers for No just what did they do in this crisis, but for kind us and all elected officials and law enforcement officers, first respondents and religious leaders who are here today.

Jill and I got up with You and families, we’ve come to mourn with you. It’s not the same, but we know a little what it is like lose a piece of your soul, be it sona daughtera husbandwife and mothera father. Feeling of having it – like i said to some of you, when we talked alone, you feel like there is black hole in your chest sucks you in and you choke, unable to breathe.

That’s what I felt like at least to us and I sure some version of it feels like way you, anger, pain, depth of a loss that is so deep. You know we know This hard believe, and you probably won’t believe it, but I can tell you now from our personal experience and many others who we have met the day will come, will come when your favorite one brings a smile when you remember him or her. When you remember her, it will bring a smile to your lips before tears well up in your eyes. It takes some time for what will happen. It takes some time. This may take more than the season, but our prayer for you are that this time will come sooner or later. But I promise you it will come.

As a nation, I tell families, we remember them. We have read about them. We visited the memorial where shows love for them and you all showed in the supermarket.

Celestine Cheney, 65, brain cancer survivor, parishioner, bingo player went to buy strawberry to make her favorite sand. Loving mother and grandmother.

Roberta Drury, 32, sweetheart daughter and sister. excited back home to help take care of her brother after bone marrow transplant. She went to buy products for dinner. Centre of Attention who made everyone in in the room to laugh and smile as she walked in.

Andre McNeil, 53 Worked in restaurant. Went to buy its 3-year-old son birthday cake. His son celebrates a birthday, asks: “Where is dad?”

Katherine Massey, 72, writer and advocate who dressed up up in costumes in schools and mow the grass in park and help in local elections. Glue of in family and community.

Margus Morrison, 52, school bus helper. Went to buy snacks for weekly movie night with in family. Left a wife and three children and stepdaughter. Centre of them world.

Hayward Patterson, 67 father, church deacon. She fed the homeless at the canteen. Picked up at the grocery store store neighbors who required help. put food in trunk of others when he took his final breath.

Aaron Salter, 55, retired Buffalo police officer. for three decades. Three decades. Loved electric cars. Gave his life to save others on Saturday afternoon, and if this man had not been wearing that vest he bought – body armor – a lot of lives would be saved. Darling father and husband.

Geraldine Talley, 62 years old. Well-known experienced banker. for her warm, gentle personality. A friend for everyone. devoted mother and grandmother.

Ruth Whitfield. Beloved wife, mother grandmother, great-grandmother. sang in church choir. caretaker of her husband bringing him clean clothes, cutting his hair, holding his hand every day when she visited him in care home. heart like big how is she head.

Pearl Young, 77, grandmother, mother missionary of God, public-school teacher who also ran local food panties. He loved to sing, dance and family.

And all three who were injured, Zaire Goodman, aged 20, shot to death in neck, but making its way through it; Jennifer Warrington, 50; Christopher Braden, 55, both treated with injury on long way to recovery.

individual life of love, service and community it says more story of who we are like Americans great nation because we good people. Jill and I bring you this message from the deep in the soul of our people. There will be no evil in America win. I promise you. Hate won’t win and white supremacy won’t last word.

‘Cause evil has come to Buffalo and it’s come to all too many places, plain in militants who innocent killed people in title of hateful and perverted ideology rooted in fear and racism. It’s so much; 10 lives cut short in groceries store three other wounded – three – three other wounded by a hating person who drove 200 miles from Binghamton, in the range to carry out bloody, racist rampage that he will broadcast live on world.

What happened here is simple and clear: terrorism. Terrorism. Domestic terrorism. Caused violence in service of hatred and vicious lust for power what determines one group of people inherently worse than any other group. The hate that’s through media and politicsThe internet has radicalized angry, alienated and lost people into the mistaken belief that they will be replaced. This word. Replaced by another. By people who don’t look like them.

me and all of you reject lies. I call on all Americans to reject lies, and I condemn those who spread lies for power political gain and for benefit.

That’s what it is. We’ve already seen too much times in deadly and the destructive violence that this ideology unleashes. We heard chants – “you can not replace us— in Charlottesville, Virginia. I wasn’t about to run as the senator knows again for the president. When I saw those people coming out of forests of fields in Virginia in Charlottesville, torch-bearers screaming you can’t replace us, escorted by white supremacists and carrying Nazi bannersThen I said, “No, no.” And I, by God, those who know I’m Chuck, you know I didn’t mean to run for definite. But I’d be damned if I let it… Anyway. I will go.

Look, we’ve seen mass shootings in Charleston, South Carolina; El Paso, Texas; in Pittsburgh. past year in Atlanta. This weak in Dallas, Texas and now in Buffalo. In Buffalo, New York.

White supremacy is poison. This is poison. It really is. Running through our body political. And he was allowed to fester and grow right in front of our eyes. Not more. I mean no more. We need to say as clearly and convincingly as possible that the ideology of no white supremacy place in America. None.

Look, failure say it would be complicity. Silence is complicity. This is complicity. We can not remain quiet.

The strength of our nation has always come from the idea – it is going to sound trite, but think about it – what is the idea of our nation? that we are all children of God. All children life, freedom. Our versatile products gifts of God. We didn’t get it from government. We got it because we exist. We have been called to protect them. I of haters and their weapons of war, of violence in words and deeds of those who roam our streets, our storesour schools. This poison, this violence cannot be story of Nowadays. We can not allow what will happen.

Look, I’m not naive. I know tragedy will come again. It cannot be overcome forever. It also cannot be fully understood. But there are certain things we can do. We can leave assault weapons off our streets. We’ve done this before. I did it when I passed crime bill last time and the violence went down went shooting down. We cannot prevent people from radicalization to violence, but we can fight ruthless exploitation of Internet for recruiting and mobilizing terrorists. We just need have the courage to do it up.

Look, the American experiment in democracy is in a danger like It was not in my life. This is in danger this hour. Hatred and fear get too much oxygen from those who pretend to love America, but who I don’t understand America. To resist ideology of hate requires care for everything people. Making no distinction. Reverend, Scripture, seeing that we are all a part of deity.

This is the America that I knowthat Jill knows. And the majority deserve the best – look, we are the most multinational, the most dynamic nation. in in history of in world. Right now for in people of all races, from any background to speak up like most in America and abandon white supremacy. These actions we have seen in these hate-filled attacks represent the views of a hateful minority.

we can not allow them to distort America. real America. we can not allow them destroy soul of nation.

Like a president of USA, I travel world all the time. And other peoples ask me heads of state in Other countries ask me what’s going on on? What in The name of God happened on January 6? What happened in Buffalo? They will ask.

We must give up live in country where black people Weekly grocery shopping can get shot down weapons of full-scale war in racist cause.

We must give up live in a country where fear and lies are packed for power and for benefit.

We should all sign up in This great cause of America.

This is work it takes everything of us. Presidents, politicians, commentators, citizens. None of us you can stay on sides. We have to resolve what is here in Buffalo that out of tragedy, out of this tragedy will come hope and light and life. He must.

And this on our clock, sacred cause of America will never bend, never break, never bend. And the America we love one we love to stand. So families, for your pain, can we find a purpose live worthy of life of loved ones you have lost.

From a hymn based on Psalm 91 sung in my church, let it raise you up up on eagle wings and carry you on breath of dawn make you shine like sun and keep you in in palm of his hand.

It is mine wish for us. We can do it if we resolve do it. If we take on haters. And those who anyway, this just about profit and politics. Let the soul of fallen rest in peace and rise in glory. And may God guide the United States of America now and always.

Families like mine grand pop spoke as I walked out of his home in Scranton, he said, “Joey, spread the faith,” and my grandma would – no, he would say: “Keep the faith,” and my grandma said, “No, Joey, spread the faith.” we are thinking of you. Hold on closely to each other. Be together. You will get through this and we will make Buffalo and the United States a better place. place to live than today.

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