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Brune Park fire: Firefighters carry out inspection of Gosport School after a devastating fire

Brun Park Community School, in The military road was severely damaged by a fire that broke out shortly before 5:53 pm.

More than 40 firefighters from all over the region were involved in extinguishing the fire. fire which took Keep in recently closed building in Brune Park.

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Firefighters at Brun Park Community School put out a fire. one of site construction. Photo: Simmoné Prager

Crews from Gosport, Fareham, Havant, Portchester, Southsea, Wickham, Hightown and Eastleigh fought for almost three hours To obtain fire under control.

In general, emergency personnel used 17 sets of breathing apparatus and two main jets to finally put out the flames that are supposed to have ignited on flat roof on in first floor.

press secretary for hampshire and island of The White Fire and Rescue Department said that approximately 10 percent of in building was destroyed.

The officers succeeded extinguish fire at 21:25.

This photo was taken by 12-year-old Ella-May McIntosh-Sales. of Brune Park fire.

Dozens of people outside school boundaries looked on as the flame went out.

Among them was 7th grader Ella-May McIntosh-Sales from Rauner.

Speaking with News with permission of her mother12-yearthe old man said, “I just couldn’t believe it, it was actually pretty crazy seeing your own school on fire. Whole building was surrounded by firefighters.

‘Twas seven fire engines and four police cars. We saw building was on fire and we could have a flame coming out roof, walls and windows.

“I could see firefighters coming up in as well as out of broken window making sure no one was in in building.’

The Hampshire Police have been informed. cause of the flame is not yet known.

Firefighters carried out further verification of in building at 7 o’clock in the morning, with a fire and a spokesman for the lifeguards stated that no further action would be taken.

School set reopen on On Monday, a spokesperson for the Gosport and Fareham Multi Academy Trust said this was due to a quick response. of firefighters.

He said: “We would like say a huge thank you to the emergency services who replied to fire at Brun Park Community School.

“It is their quick actions ensure in fire was quickly brought under control, which prevented more serious situation and further damage building.’

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