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British expatriates live in Spain is unable drive after failure reach a Brexit deal

British expatriates live in Spain will hit with driving ban after two countries failed reach post-Brexit agreement on UK driving license.

From May 1, thousand of British in Spain cannot use their UK driving license on Spanish streets – although tourists will be exempt from the ban.

new restrictions set to accept effect after the British and Spanish governments failed reach a consensus on licenses issued by the DVLA before the April 30 deadline, with Conservative MP Sir Ian Duncan Smith points the finger at European authorities.

“This is the case of ‘manana, manana [tomorrow, tomorrow]’,” he said Mail on Sunday. “It’s time for them to pull the finger out and do what they agreed.”

Before May 1, Britons living in Spain was able use their DVLA-issued licenses to drive but could now face weeks of chaos as alternative measures are taken to reach an agreement. Meanwhile, all other European countries agreed post-Brexit protocol in respect of British driving licence.

United Kingdom government the source said: “It can go on for a week, maybe more. This is should be temporary, but we don’t know how temporary. Meanwhile, British residents living in Spanish mountain villages won’t be able to drive a car”.

Representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs added: “UK Driver’s License Exchange Agreement for The Spanish licenses have not yet been reached.

“From 1 May UK license holders who were residents in Spain for more how six months and have not exchanged a license during the transition period, will no longer be able to drive legally in Spain. We have agreed to expedite negotiations quickly and call on the Spanish government bring forward temporary measures.”

Anyone affected by the ban is advised to immediately take steps apply for Spanish license, which will include both theory and practice test.

The change does not apply to vacationers, who maybe some more use their British driving license while in the country.

Meanwhile, Spain continues to crack down on antisocial behavior through an ordinance restricting vacationers six alcoholic drinks per day in hotels in parts of Ibiza and Mallorca with guests have to pay extra if they want more.

official management on UK governments website for British emigrants in Spain says following:

“If you have a valid UK driving licence:

  • From May 1, 2022, if you lived in Spain until January 1, 2021, your valid UK driver’s license will no longer be valid. for driving in Spain.
  • If you moved to Spain after 1 January 2021, your current UK rights will be recognized. for 6 months from the date you received your residence permit.”

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