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British ambassador to Yemen: Houthi targeting of Ma'rib station is horrific

The British Ambassador to Yemen, Michael Aron, renewed his call to the Houthi militias to stop their attack on Marib Governorate. He described the Houthis’ targeting of the gas station in the north of the country, and dozens of dead and wounded, as a horrific act. He considered that agreeing to a cease-fire would prevent such tragic losses and allow humanitarian action.

A war crime

In turn, the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Justice, Faisal Al-Majidi, confirmed that the massacre at the gas station is a war crime, calling on the administration of US President Joe Biden to restore Classification of the Houthi militia as terrorist.

He also considered that the UN and Western statements should transcend “concern” and name the perpetrator of crimes in Yemen, adding that the government is communicating with the United Nations and the Human Rights Council to condemn these crimes. He said in an interview with Al-Arabiya/Al-Hadath today: We are waiting for firm international and Western stances against Al-Houthi’s crimes.

Moreover, he considered that the Marib ballistic missile killed all international attempts to reach a peaceful solution.

It is reported that a ballistic missile On Saturday night, a gas station was targeted on the outskirts of the gas-rich governorate, which has been under successive Houthi attacks for months, despite all international calls to stop the military escalation and the attack on the city, which includes thousands of displaced Yemenis.

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