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Britain’s largest warship, HMS Prince of Wales, breaks down off south coast shortly after sailing for USA | UK News

Britain’s largest warship crashed down off south coast shortly after sailing on what was declared “significant mission”To the United States.

HMS Prince of Wales, second of two Royal Navy aircraft carriers were experiencing “emergent mechanical issue”, the representative said. problem being investigated.

The £3 billion airline that was only fully operational last year reportedly anchored southeast of island of White while the investigation is ongoing out.

“Prince of Wales remains in in the South Coast exercise area while investigating emerging mechanical issue”said a spokesman for the Royal Navy.

problem was first reports the UK Defense Journal, online news site oriented on defense issues that cited unconfirmed reports of damage to the starboard driveshaft.

BUT second specialist news The Navy Lookout website reported that the 65,000-strong warship suffered a “significant technical problem.”

“If a issue prove but seriously, it goes without saying that this is extremely unfortunate and not good Watch for RN [Royal Navy]”, it said.

The vessel suffered from “emerging mechanical issue’. Rice: Royal Navy

The warship departed from nearby Portsmouth. on Saturday on what was described by the Royal Navy as mission to “shape in future of stealth jet and unmanned operations off Coast of North America and in Caribs”.

The trip – provided it takes place – set to see the carrier visit New York, Halifax in Canada and Caribbean, operating F-35 fifth generation fast jets off deck, as well as drones.

This was stated by the commander of the ship, Captain Richard Hewitt. in statement to mark the departure – and before the mechanical failure: “The taking of HMS Prince of Welsh challenge group across the Atlantic for rest of this is year will not only push the boundaries of carriers in the UK, but will strengthen our close working relationship with our closest ally.

“From operating F35 Lightning and drones for the Atlantic Future Forum, none of it would be possible easily of amazing sailors on board a lot of which on them first deployment with Royal Navy”.

HMS Prince of Wales, who leads the group’s aircraft carrier missiondeployed with frigate, tanker and air group of helicopters and drones.

These are F-35 combat aircraft. set to join ship in United States.

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