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Brilliant but deadly – not throw gold fish in rivers, told pet owners | Invasive species

If this goldfish in isolation is starting to lose its luster, consider twice before throwing This is in river or canal – creatures may look innocent, but their insatiable appetite, tolerance for comparison of cold and fast habits with native views can be catastrophic for local wildlife.

New research shows that goldfish consume a lot more than a comparable fish in UK waters, yes more than other invasive fish and also lot more ready to aggressively take on other competing species.

According to Dr. James Dickey, this means goldfish are a triple threat. of Queen’s University Belfast, lead author of education.

“They are not only readily available, but combine insatiable appetites with courageous behavior,” he said. “While the northern European climate is often a barrier to non-native surviving species in wild goldfish are known to be tolerant of such conditions and can be dangerous. real urgoza for native biodiversity in rivers and lakes, food up resources on which other species depend on”.

The study was unable to assess whether more goldfish released into the wild by pet owners who bought new fish during the lockdown, but anecdotal reports suggest this may be the case.

“While our research not focused on whether it problem worsened after lockdown, yes reason believe that this is so, or at least it will be so, ”said Dickey.

“Recently there were news tales of unleashed Amazonian catfish found in Glasgow, which may be related. It may also be that there is a time lag and it may only be this summer when the normality of the species of summary and for example, people want go on a trip [and leave their pets behind]what we start see the effect.

Research published in NeoBiota magazine on Wednesday studied the two most commonly traded fish species. in Northern Ireland: the goldfish, which is an invasive species around the world, and the white cloud mountain minnow, which has yet to establish much of invasive platform. Both species are members of carp family and are native to East Asia.

Researchers have established new method for impact assessment and comparison of of both species, looking at availability, feeding speed and behaviour. By these standards, goldfish are far superior to white cloud minnows and have been shown to be capable of of wreaking havoc on native wild animal populations in Ponds, rivers and streams of Great Britain.

Extraction of goldfish on tadpoles and others small fish when entering UK waterways, disrupting natural ecosystems.

In the US, goldfish were found grow up to more than 30cm (1ft) in length in some waterways because of their ability adapt.

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Many pet owners think it’s humane to release their goldfish into the wild, but Dickey warned that it was destructive.

Another way limit the damage, according to the study, it would be for a pet shops stockpile more of alternative species that do not represent such an invasive risk.

“Goldfish is high risksaid Dicky. “Availability Restriction of potentially influential [species, such as goldfish] along with the best education of pet owners is the solution to prevent the creation of malicious invaders in in future”.

Washing unwanted fish down toilet also No, no, according to Dickey. But he said some pet shops would take the fish back though usually not with refunds, and there are websites like Preloved.co.uk where you can give or exchange them.

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