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Brexit: Senior Conservative MP calls for UK to join European single again market

BUT senior The Conservative MP called for for Boris Johnson government take Britain back into a single EU market to help alleviate cost of life crisis.

Tobias Ellwood, Chairman of the Defense Committee, said Brexit left British business “strangled” by the bureaucracy, assuring that it was time to “think outside in box”.

leading The Conservative MP called for government watch again building relationships in Norwegian with EU, which allows access to the single market through the European Economic Area (EEA).

Writing in House magazine, Mr. Ellwood claimed that move will see post- Brexit paperwork cost firms £7bn. removed as well as help ease inflationary pressure on hard- pressed families.

“Sector after sector is being choked by the bureaucratic red tape we had to escape off,” said the Conservative MP, arguing that Brexit had not become out to be the one that people imagined.”

Talking about your offer on Times Radio on On Thursday Mr Ellwood said: “I dare to think outside in box… that’s what we are need do at the moment, given the economic situation that we face”.

He added: “It would strengthen our economy because it would eliminate so much red tape, it would make it easier cost of a living crisis and that would actually solve the difficult Irish question on Northern Ireland Protocol.

But David Frost is #10 former Brexit negotiator condemns Ellwood surprise call. The hardliner said Mr Ellwood’s intervention “shows Brexit is really insecure in his hand or his allies.”

Senior Conservative quarterback Mark Harper also rejected the idea, tweeting, “No. The UK voted to leave the EU. It meant leaving a single market and put an end to freedom of traffic. End.”

Labor wanted avoid talking about Brexit, given that the topic caused significant electoral problems for in party in large parts of country.

And here is the bench of the deputy Stella Creasy – a chair of labor movement for Europe – praised Mr. Ellwood for “Speaking out”, adding: “For the sake of of jobs, peace and equality, the UK should discuss our future with Europe”.

Treasury Department minister Simon Clarke said he was “happy to assure” Mr Ellwood that the UK would not join the single market claiming move would “extinguish half the freedoms that make Brexit so important.”

Mr Ellwood admitted that, being in single market would mean signing up to freedom of movement that many Conservative MPs were determined to avoid in consecutive years up to final Brexit deal.

But he indicated out what is part of The EU Dublin Convention may lead for better cooperation with other immediate neighbors when it comes to asylum seekers.

Mr Ellwood also claimed a reunion with the single market will increase the “European authority” of the UK at the same time of increased threat from Russia, as well as the rapprochement of the UK with the US.

He asked: “Wouldn’t it be rude for us not to think with our heads, do the math and ask ourselves if it’s economical in interests of the nation?

James Withers head of Scottish Food and Drink, said Mr Ellwood’s intervention was “a timely, welcome reminder that Brexit is doable without shooting yourself.” in both legs.”

But he said what a fuss caused according to his suggestion “is sign of how we have lost a lot in in battle between ideology and rational management.

Meanwhile, Mr. Ellwood called. for “politeness” in Tori party how he fought with management question as he confirmed he sent the email of no-confidence in Boris Johnson a few months ago.

Asked about the briefings by the Prime Minister’s associates against supporters of the rebels, he told Times Radio: “I’m worried language is now in use. I’m worried about where [the debate] going down. party himself must work together, no matter what.”

He added: “But you can’t get away from fact that there are genuine concerns [about Johnson’s leadership]. It’s reflected in voting, local elections and, no doubt, in by-elections too. And these questions do need for solutions”.

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