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Brexit: Rishi Sunak wants top security adviser to help get protocol deal with EU

Rishi Sunak is believed to have sent the letter from Downing Street. national security advisor in Brussels in attempt to reach a compromise on Northern Ireland Protocol.

Sir Tim Barrow was instructed with helping the UK reach an agreement with EU as negotiations intensify on weakening trade checking and finding suitable role for European Court of Justice (EU).

prime minister passionate about for Sir Tim made use of his “extensive network” of Contacts with the EU to achieve a breakthrough, according to Sunday Times.

Tori government seeks to replace ECJ role in supervision protocol disputes with independent body – but, as they say, are ready to accept the European Court as ultimate arbitrator.

UK is considering an agreement for a system which would put the European Court “at arm’s length” for controversy will still be power in hand down judgments according to Sunday Telegraph.

Conservative MPs in European Research Group (ERG) and Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) remain strongly opposed to any role for European Court – warning that they will not accept any “fudge” from Mr. Sunak.

” ultimate test of any deal will depend on whether it ends Northern Ireland semi- colonial status of the client of EU, automatically adopting EU laws without any involvement from outside elected representatives,” wrote Conservative MP David Jones and the DUP.

In a joint article in in Sunday Telegraph who warned that they would not accept any transaction that did not match “resolve root cause of these checks, namely fact that Northern Ireland is trapped in EU single market rules”.

Pair added: “Allied politicians won’t accept this. This will failure in ruse of state of historical scale.

This came after Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar expressed regret over protocol was imposed on in region without support of unionists.

Mr Varadkar said the EU was ready to be “flexible” and “reasonable”. in negotiation with United Kingdom in order to achieve a “wider support” in Northern Ireland for in post-Brexit trading orders.

But Taoiseach said in economic terms, protocol generally worked – Northern Ireland “outperformed” the UK economy.

“There are no hard border between north and south, single market integrity was protected, Northern Ireland economy surpasses UK economy,” he said.

Mr Varadkar, who became Taoiseach for a second time in December, said the prospect of London and Brussels strike deal ahead of milestone anniversary of good friday peace agreement in April was very real”.

Labor leader Sir Keir Starmer discussed protocol put Mr. Varadkar in a meeting to a standstill in Davos, Switzerland.

EU politicians said in Davos that they would prefer Sir Keir to become prime minister in next general elections.

Austrian MEP Andreas Schieder said the Labor leader could rebuild trust by telling I: “I have met Starmer and I can see that he would be much better off.”

MEP Guy Verhofstadt, former Brexit Coordinator in European parliament said: “What is Western world Now we need to come together exactly in the areas that Starmer mentions: science, technologyresearchsecurity, foreign affairs”.

But he also criticized the Labor leader move to rule out Unmarried market membership. “While Starmer continues rule out rejoining single market and the EU itself, Britain will be poorer off like the EU,” Mr. Verhofstadt said.

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