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Brexit: EU launches legal action against UK over freedom of movement

Brussels has actually introduced legal action against the UK for declared “failure to comply” with EU freedom of movement guidelines.

It sent out the federal government an official notification – the first phase of violation procedures – offering 4 months to “address the shortcomings”.

Regardless of Brexit occurring at the end of January, the UK is now in a shift duration where it should follow EU guidelines till completion of 2020 while mediators attempt to work out a trade offer.

The European Commission declared UK law “limits the scope” of EU people residing in the nation, who can take a trip in between areas without a visa.

It offers examples returning years, such as limitations on EU people able to gather Jobseekers’ Allowance and “unjustified” life time prohibits on re-entry.

Violation procedures are introduced when an EU nation stops working to carry out EU law, and can lead to the European Court of Justice enforcing financial charges.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s spokesperson stated: “We will look at what the EU has to say and we will respond in due course.”

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