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break arrogance of BJP, vote AAP to power says Arvind Kejriwal in bahrush

at first public Gathered since it formed the Adamic Public Party (AAP) government in Punjab, Delhi Chief Minister and AAP national Invited by Arvind Kejriwal on Sunday urged people of Gujarat’ to break the arrogance of BJP’s AAP vote for power. he is also leather out At the BJP for “creating a world record in Paper leaks” where he recruited “abandoned state” of schools and hospitals” in Gujarat.

Kejriwal was addressing a tribal gathering in Chanderia village in Valya Taluka of Baharush district on Sunday where party announced alliance with Bharatiya Tribal Party led by Chotophai Vasva.

Flanked by AAP leaders Gopal Italia, Isudan Gadhvi and Indranil Rajyaguru along with Chief Chhotubhai BTP and his son And party President Mahesh Vasva who He Dediapada MLA, Kejriwal said, “I have heard speculation that the Gujarat elections will be held early because they (the BJP) are afraid of AAP… We have formed two governments in Delhi, and recently in Punjab and now it’s your turn of Gujarat…they (BJP) feel it give us Time till December, Gujarat will be heading towards AAP. But… I’m Fakkad (poor happy), I only have a hand of God and support of people…You (BJP) can hold elections now or six Months later, I will defeat you.”

AAP leader also He narrated his meeting with Bharatiya Janata Party leader on On his journey from New Delhi to Surat, Kejriwal told the audience – mostly tribal people From Bharuch and Narmada districts, “I met Bharatiya Janata Party leader on I asked him why they didn’t work in Gujarat for 27 years. He said: Why us? need for work people They give us The votes In any case’. He told me that congressional leaders are here in pocket of The BJP and they (BJP) don’t even do that need to fight The election … want To tell the voters of Gujarat…Give us just one chance Just to break their arrogance and you can throw us out The next the time…”

delhi CM also They laughed at the education sector in Gujarat, the alleged exam paper enlisted leak accidents since then year 2017 and said: “I heard that Guinness World Records officials had a meeting yesterday and they are going to it add BJP name in The list of maximum Paper leaks … there is even paper leak of class 7 in This is amazing list. “

Kejriwal added that AAP government changed riches of The government schools in Delhi in Seven years so that four students enrolled lakh in government schools in The current academic year.

“Bharatiya Janata Party government who was here for 27 years old, she has shut 6000 government schools in The name of Mergers. The government schools in A dilapidated state… some have no teachers or one Teacher for Eight chapters… AAP can change this… We’ve done it in Delhi and restored glory of The
Schools…,” adding, “Delhi schools scored 99.7% result This is amazing year – The best in Country.”

Gujarat call Chief Minister Bhupendra Patel to visit New Delhi for Tour guide of government Schools and Hospitals, Kejriwal said, “The BJP has started spreading viral messages that Kejriwal schools are in a run-down Condition…but I call Gujarat Chief Minister Bhupendra Patel to come and see our schools, hospitals and clinics… Find out the facts before spreading lies…”

Kejriwal also They laughed at the education sector in Gujarat, the alleged exam paper enlisted leak Incidents since 2017.

“People in Delhi loves me so much…I’ve heard that people of Gujarats are emotional and think through their hearts… If they (Gujarats) love someone, they love him for their whole life. Kejriwal is also Similar person… I came here to establish a relationship of hearts. Me, no know For theft, forgery, and indulgence in Corruption … because I am an educated person, who can only work,” he is added.

Talking about the “injustice” faced by the tribes, Kejriwal said: “The British exploited our tribes first and then ours. people They persecuted them… Paradoxically, the two of richest country people They come from Gujarat and the poorest tribes also They come from Gujarat from the districts of Dahod, Chota Udaipur, Aravalli, Dang… BJP and Congress are standing with the rich and make them richer…but the American Association of Practices, Kejriwal, and Chotophai are standing with the poor, with you.”
leather out At the BJP for Defacing AAP, Delhi CM He said, “Today, more expensive power is provided in Gujarat in Delhi, electricity is free. How does Delhi get free electricity? Because Delhi is free of corruption government….”

Taking pot shots in Gujarat BJP for his choice party Kejriwal, Chief CR Patil of Maharashtra, said is it not an insult to 6.5 crore Gujarati rupees? people That the BJP needs a leader from Maharashtra run This is amazing party in the state? Voters should avenge this insult … I plead good leaders of Congress to switch to the AAP will do work together … good BJP leaders, please come over To AAP… these who You have special interests, please stay where you are.”

Earlier, Kejriwal arrived at the venue to chant of Bharat Mata Ki Jai, Enkilab Zainabad and Birsa Munda, Zindabad. With the Vasavas and other AAP leaders, Kejriwal decorated a statue of Persa Munda is dressed up in Tribal jacket and shawl as part of for him on- Congratulation.

Chotophai Vasva said in his speech, “AAP . has come support us tribes for for us fight for good Judgment…. What is the need to re-elect a government This has been erased off Education from the state … Keep your vote Safe and elected AAP. BJP and Congress out To clear out identity of tribal population… only if we arrive powerwe will be able to survive … so we made Arvindji a list of 14 important issues and he promised to look into them.”

to express confidence That AAP-BTP pool will form a file government in Mahesh Vasva in Gujarat said, “Although there are thousands of The dams that displaced the tribal population belt From Ambaji to Umargaon receives no one drop of Drinking water…what happened in punjab, should Happen or occur in Gujarat… the BJP has ruled for 27 years old and there is a lot of pain between them us…”


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