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Boxing Champion Tyson Fury Wins By Knockout In Binance's NFT Market

The boxer and linear champion in the heavyweight category, Tyson Fury, won USDT 987,000, after auctioning one of the non-fungible tokens (NFT) of his collection, on the platform based on Binance Smart Chain (BSC), HoDooi.

Fury’s token, named Linear by Tyson Fury , shows the boxer in an illustration with two belts symbolizing the championships he holds and also wears a crown that says “Gypsy King”, as the athlete is known.

Lineal by Tyson Fury was sold for almost $ 1 million in USDT. Image by: HoDooi.com

The winner of the auction, apart from the NFT, received a painting with the same image of the token , signed by Fury. Additionally, he obtained a signed boxing glove and a video of the boxer congratulating the winner of the auction, according to HoDooi in a statement published on July 20.

According to the marketplace HoDooi, the NFT auction of the boxer born in the United Kingdom, has been one of the ones that has raised the most money so far in the sports field . The Fury token is followed by the Portuguese soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo, which was sold for USD 289,920, as reported by CriptoNoticias.

Heavyweight Tyson Fury has been one of the athletes who has made the most money selling NFT. Image by: Mike DiDomizio.

Fury can earn more money with NFTs

The earnings de Fury with the tokens have not yet come to an end . At HoDooi, a collection of five boxer NFTs , designed by British artist George Rollo, who has come to work with artists such as Drake, is still in the sale process. and 50 Cent.

Tokens are for sale on Binance Coin (BNB) and stablecoin Tether (USDT). NFTs are classified by categories ranging from Diamond, Platinium, Gold, Silver, and Bronze. In all, a figure of Fury dressed in a suit is shown with his fists raised.

In the case of the NFT Diamond, they launched 250 and have sold 4, each token is valued at USD 1,000 , of the Platinium category has sold one of the 350 available, at a price of USD 800 each.

The Tyson collection token Fury is called “Diamond” and is valued at USD 1,000

The Gold category NFTs They are priced at USD 700 . Only one of 500 has been sold. Of the Silver, two of 650 tokens have been sold. The last category is Bronze; they are the lowest priced NFTs, each valued at $ 250. At the time of writing, none have been sold.

The sale of the token would have been the perfect start for what was supposed to be the return to the ring of the Gypsy King to face the American Deontay Wilder, on July 24, in his first defense of the title. However, Fury and part of his team were infected with coronavirus and the fight was postponed to October 9.

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