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Boris Johnson’s purges key business reforms from his legislative program

When Boris Johnson government on Its legislative program was unveiled on Tuesday for coming year there will be some startling omissions.

Legislation to improve auditing and corporate governance in the UK, granting statutory powers for a technology watchdog timer and create new football oversight body – everything is designed to improve performance of business or make it fairer market conditions are excluded from the Queen’s Speech.

Whitehall officials said governments decisions the rejection of bills reflected political priorities and practical issues, but also stressed the impact of one key figure in Downing Street: David Canzini, Deputy Chief of employees prime minister.

Kanzini was hired in February after Johnson responded to calls from Conservative MPs for shake-up of what they saw as dysfunctional number 10 on top of party scandal.

With a bank of England warning last the week the UK is moving towards for recession, Canzini said colleagues in In recent days, Downing Street believes that “Conservative governments do not way to economic growth”, said one official.

government decreased plans for a bill that would create a single agency to enforce employee rights and made flexible work by default option for staff.

Canzini checked the offer government policy based on will they go down well with voters – for For example, audit reform was considered boring, says Johnson. up for a general elections either next year or in 2024. Downing Street declined to comment.

David Canzini, Deputy Chief of staff to the Prime Minister, told colleagues that Downing Street believes that “Conservative governments do not publish their way to economic growth’, in accordance with one official

One minister said the disgust of some in No. 10 up new business regulation was part of “bastard form” of Thatcherism, which failed admit, that good rules could help operation of markets – for For example, by stopping corporate scandals.

Roger Barker, head of policy At the institute of directors, and business lobby group said he felt that government company policy changed in in past several months, with Some parts of Whitehall resists certain reforms or wants to prioritize other issues.

He added: “In IoD we are conscious of regulatory cargo . . . But in some areas are in urgent need of reform, such as in setting the audit watchdog on statutory basis. This is disappointing as these are the areas we have been working on. on for for a while and helped shape to become business friendly.”

At the meeting with ministerial advisors last week after bad local elections results for conservatives, Canzini called on assistants up with more “wedge problems” to distinguish the Tories from Labor and the Liberal Democrats.

Through Whitehall, Canzini is credited — or blamed — for several recent policies designed to appease right-wing conservative deputies.

These include resistance to generous new goal for extension of onshore wind farms and public consultation on end of the moratorium on hydraulic fracturing for oil and gas.

government It has also threw plans ban”buy oneget one free offers on junk food from supermarkets.

Canzini was old business partner of Sir Linton Crosby, Australian political strategist who is an one of Johnson key the allies are gathering back prior to his tenure as Mayor of London.

Kanzini was much lower than Crosby when he said on his Twitter page is below the picture of Darth Vader – Who Cares who or who am I?

He has power and influence in Whitehall, which goes far beyond his position. For example, Canzini holds a meeting every Friday. with all ministers special advisors, task previously performed out Dominic Cummings, Johnson’s former chief adviser.

One adviser said: “People are afraid of him, but in a good way – if he wants something to be done, it will be done fast”.

One former business colleague of Canzini has said that he enjoys playing the role of a “hooligan”.

Canzini was an adviser to Theresa May when she was prime ministerially faced with her over Brexit because he felt she was being too soft on leaving the EU. Subsequently, he became a close ally of European Research Group of Eurosceptic Tory MPs who helped undermine May.

Some ministers expressed the hope that the bills on audit regulation and corporate governance reform would expand the opportunities tech watchdog named digital market units, and create football supervisory authority, will be put into operation before next elections.

They proposed bills on all three areas should feature in queen speech 2023, with draft versions drawn up for “pre-legislative review” over coming year.

But some government insiders were skeptical. last parliamentary session often attracts attention before elections on legislation is considered play well with voters with other accounts are debited.

This was stated by representatives of Whitehall. decisions on what legislation to include in queen’s speech on Tuesday were also under influence how in government fights with backlog of accounts caused due to the coronavirus crisis.

half a dozen pieces of legislation dated last parliamentary session, including controversial online safety Bill to Combat Illicit and Malicious Internet content, have not yet reached the code of laws. Now they will be rolled up over to Parliament 2022-23 session.

Process of planing down in list of accounts to include in The Queen’s speech was chaotic and “last minute,” said one official.

“They were so busy with party then war in Ukraine, in fact there was no bandwidth in Number 10 to go through all the laws the ministers have introduced. forward” added in official.

Additional report by Daniel Thomas in London

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