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Boris Johnson’out of touching comments on cost of life crisis angry Conservative deputies | Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson’s failed defense of in governments record on in cost of life irritated Conservative deputies and exacerbated fears about party performance in Local elections on Thursday.

When asked about a pensioner forced to travel on buses to keep warm and save heating bills down, prime ministers first the answer was to boast that he introduced free travel for senior people. During the interview on On Tuesday, he acknowledged that government It was failed do enough to ease the pain of skyrocketing costs.

Among the growing fears over influence of in cost of living crisis, the Treasury is looking to see if it can cover some or all of the energy of this autumn price rise from government funds, according to The Guardian.

It is understood that Rishi Sunak’s department is investigating whether to simply absorb most of the of in costa do not offer a discount on bills or council tax credits. sunak it concerned about inflationary impact of more borrowing but option of absorbing some or all of in rise has been considered.

A Treasury source said they “do not acknowledge this policy work done at this moment in time”. representative added: “Electricity bills are limited until autumn. We won’t know what size of in rise volatility will be set of the prices we see now and it is right that we are waiting… [to] decide which solution should be.”

on Thursday vote will first elections in the UK test since the details of parties against quarantine in Downing Street.

Conservative MPs on alert for losses in London and south of England as a toxic combination of Partygate and rockets cost of the living take their toll. deputies in northern England said they more self-confident of holding on local advisers.

In a pre-election interview on ITV Good Morning Britain prime minister found it difficult to articulate help may be available pensioner struggling to make ends meet.

When asked about Elsie, 77-year-old who cut out back on food and uses buses to keep warm, he replied: “24-hour freedom bus pass actually that’s what I imagined.” Asked what more Elsie could cut back on he said “not want it will have to be cut back on anything.”

With concerns about cost of live during a major election issue- answered some Conservative MPs with Johnson’s annoyance performance. “Thing with yes, sometimes he didn’t read the script, ”said one. “There are so many positive things he could say.”

Another defender and former cabinet minister said it won’t won us many votes. Boris doesn’t really care about it people. He basically despises the majority of man race so it’s pretty hard for sympathize with him.”

Shadow work and pension secretary, John Ashworth, said that “showing off the London bus pass shows just how out of touch that narcissist prime minister is.” He added that the state pension It was just suffered the most real-terms cut in 50 years.

Both main parties are desperate to live up to expectations ahead of Thursday’s elections, with tory warning of as many as 800 losses out of more over 5,000 council seats are up for grabs, and Labor assumes they won’t be able to make much headway.

Conservative colleague and election expert Robert Hayward said he predicted net Tory losses of between 250 and 350 seats, adding: “This will mean one or two headings “Profit from labor”, but regardless of whether good enough for to make them comfortable is a question mark.”

Conservative insiders say there are serious concerns about losing London council of Wandsworth, although Labor said it was unlikely. BUT senior tori figure said area became more rich over a time that usually favored the Tories, but instead he saw “gentrification with leftovers.”

A London MP has warned that among the middle class there are ‘middleof’expensive’ voters in south of England, “this is Boris problem”.

One senior The Liberal Democrat strategist said that party was looking at possible profit in in new Unitary Authority of Somerset, Oxford, Wimbledon and Woking in south, as well as Westmoreland and Hull in in north. “We do not expect significant acquisitions of cargo of different tips, but we hope to see sustainable progress in blue seats that up,” They said.

On the contrary, “red wall” Conservatives are calmly confident of holding on to their seats on the council. –

AT key brawls in local councils such as Bury, Bolton, Wigan and Hartlepool, which will be seen to foreshadow whether Labor can win seats again or keep them. next elections, the Tories called voters angry with Johnson over Partygate but unwilling to do switch to work.

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One Midlands Tory in recently won constituency said, “It’s logical we should actually be in position for profit, but Partygate and cost of alive means our voters are unreliably treated out. But I don’t find people going back to work in general.

Tory MP in northWest of England said it fears anger towards Johnson is unlikely to dissipate after next general elections, although voters were willing to continue voting locally for the Conservatives because Labor was still considered the establishment. force.

“I think the anger is permanent now feature. We can, in feeling go away with this time because he didn’t on voting ballot. But it’s bound to happen against us in general elections”.

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