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Boris Johnson vows to cut 91,000 jobs in Whitehall following civil servants demand straight to work from abroad

move – which enhances perspective of public sector staff gather on strike if they are not allowed work from abroad – puts them on straight collision well with ministers, who insist on return to office now that Covid restrictions have long since been lifted.

The Telegraph understands ministers will reject any attempt union push the boundaries of working from home.

Dave Penman general secretary of The Food and Drug Administration launched a direct attack on Mr Rees-Mogg at union’s annual conference delegate, blaming him of “Orwellian” behavior after he left notes on desktops, noting their absence at the workplace. office.

He said, “This culture war against the civil service must stop…you do your job and let the management of public service receives on with them”.

But Mr. Rees-Mogg rejected latest claims, suggesting that they did a disservice to ordinary civil servants who trying to get on with their work.

He told The Telegraph: “Extreme nature of this movement gives game far. This undermines many hard-working civil servants, creating in false the impression that they want be as lazy as them union leaders.”

BUT series of the proposals adopted by the FDA conference were a manifesto for home working, in direct contradiction of government policy.

“Work is no more place’

unions official the position is nowwork is no longer a place but what is being done” and that he would “oppose the government’s indiscriminate demands for return of civil servants to office-based work”.

Its members also agreed that people best placed to decide how and where are they work and this blanket rules about office attendance at any level is inappropriate”, which means that union believes in every employee should to be free set them rules.

They are advocate “place neutral” approach to work, where there will be no “arbitrary” assumption that anyone should work from office.

But these are requirements. on work from abroad that will raise the feathers of ministers, who tried to prevent staff from doing so.

The proposal adopted at the conference states: option available civil servants for work overseas for certain periods for personal reasons are of great benefit in terms of flexibility and productivity and complements the wider public service momentum towards greater flexibility over working location”.


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