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Boris Johnson former king fights corruption for urgent lobbying reform | Lobbying

Boris Johnson former anti-corruption king, who resigned last week, called for urgent reform of standards rules around lobbying, and more sphere for independent consultant for prime minister on account.

John Penrose, Conservative MP and former the minister said it was very important for democracy to fix problems with UK standards regime affecting ministers, MPs, councilors and civil servants.

In particular, he called for tougher anti-lobbying rulesas recommended in Nigel Boardman report over The Greensill Scandal and the Committee on Standards in Community Life (CSPL).

Penrose, Johnson Anti-Corruption Champion since 2017, down from him role last Monday after objecting to alleged Johnson failure address the findings of Sue Gray’s report that he demonstrated a lack of of leadership over lockdown parties in No. 10 and the conclusion that this is a violation of the code.

independent adviser to Johnson on ministerial interests, Lord Geidt said he could not speak his mind on whether Johnson broke the code because he might feel compelled to resign if his advice was not followed. This would put the code in position of “Mockery,” he said.

Speaking afterwards, Penrose said he thought the government’s most recent changes to the adviser role that allowed him to recommend starting an investigation were “much stronger than before, and I think in practical, pragmatic British termswe should give this is chance to work”.

However, according to him, there werenew problems who have only just appeared in in last pair of days” around a consultant feeling unable to pass judgment on whether prime minister broke rules.

Penrose suggested that the adviser should should not have resigned if his advice was not followed, in same way that Sir Chris Whitty, Chief Medical Officer of England, should not have stood down if politicians took different view For him.

But he said: “Counsellor should expect you to advise on whether there is a prime minister violated the ministerial code or not, just like they make for any other government minister already. At the moment prime minister there is an exception, which means that there is no public advice for parliament and everyone else in plain sight, which is not fair at all.

Wider changes to the lobbying standards regime, Penrose said ministers should have sign legally binding statements that they will not lobby government for fixed periods after departure office – make these tips mandatory out Advisory Committee on Business meetings (Acoba).

“Currently, Acoba is not fully legally binding, but it should be. So Boardman suggested that civil service contracts should make Akoba decisions binding force and, since ministers are not formally employees, for they are that they sign legal act that says: “I’ll be bound decisions of Akoba. It’s beautiful, it’s simple way of gives Akoba the teeth and claws she needs,” he said.

Second, Penrose called for a more detailed, transparent and easily searchable record will be published of meetings between companies or lobbyists and members of in government. He said no just ministers, but also political advisers and senior civil servants should be subject to such scrutiny.

“It’s low-cost and easy steps is not need new legislation, and will be a huge incentive for transparency and confidence in our institutions,” he said.

calling government in response to the Boardman report that was published in middle of last year and appeal more of CSPL recommendations, Penrose added: “Correction of these problems Maybe more it matters now what it was for years, not just for our current governmentbut for our entire democracy too.

“Ministers promised to respond to these messages, so let’s just get on with It. It is an opportunity to do the right thing and “succeed by doing good’and it won’t cost the taxpayer is also a bean.

Parliament was hit numerous lobbying scandals in recent years, including the Greensilla scandal involving former prime minister David Cameron lobbying former colleagues text message on on behalf of of his employer, a financial firm that has since gone bankrupt.

government was also drawn into controversy over Owen Paterson, Conservative former cabinet minister, who was found lobby government ministers on on behalf of of two companies. No. 10 tried to organize against Paterson was removed from the Commons, which backfired and led to Paterson’s resignation and loss. of his safe place in by-elections.

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