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Boris Johnson faces growing Tory insurgency as two more deputies call for him to leave

In hurtful comments in The Telegraph Sir Bob – senior lawyer and president of in justice special committee – said that “as a lawyer” he “listened carefully to the Prime Minister’s explanations” over sides in Downing Street during the Covid lockdown.

“Sorry, but I don’t find his statements that there is no rules were broken or that he didn’t know of violations must be valid. I can’t accept what he didn’t know of a lot of of what’s happening on.

“It in in national interest in seeing conservatives win in next elections, but this needs to be changed of leader for us to do this”.

news came like new According to the poll’s forecast, Mr. Johnson will lose almost every seat on the battlefield, including his own, if general elections took place tomorrow.

YouGov poll predicts Tories to lose all but three of 54 seats they took from Labor three years ago in reversal of destruction of the red wall in 2019.

In every county they won in north of England will return to Sir Keir Starmer. party, with trio only in Midlands stays blue.

Upstairs of that the Conservatives would cede another 34 “battlefields” that they won with a margin of fifteen points or less by last elections.

The deputies called. for Mr Johnson is leaving in frantic six-hour period starting from lunch with Mr Holmes MP for Eastley, criticizing “the toxic culture that seemed to infiltrate number 10”.

Shortly after Sir Bob made his intentions famous, Ms Kearns, Conservative MP for Rutland and Melton confirmed she sent the letter of No confidence in January.

She said, “Government only serves with confidence of this is people. This protracted affair has brought our government and my party into disrepute. my position remains hasn’t changed since January and the prime minister continues not to withhold my confidence”.


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