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Boris Johnson embarrasses Tyneside with Teesside after a trip to Whitley Bay in now deleted tweet

The Prime Minister seemed to be a little confused during his visit to the North East after mixing up Tyneside and Teesside in now deleted tweet. Boris Johnson took trip to whitley bay on Monday bank holiday to talk to locals on a campaign visit.

He was spotted entering the Chippy Whitley Whaler. on Marine Avenue where he ordered”small chips” before walking along the promenade and was seen chatting with pedestrians. outside of Spanish city. He tweeted a picture of myself in whitley bay but said he in Teesside.

Prime had also was on Teesside formerly in day – visiting Hartlepool. Prime Minister took tour of city power station along with Hartlepool MP Jill Mortimer.

In a now-deleted tweet, the prime minister said: “It was a fantastic day to out campaign in Teesside, where we host a major program of investment as part of our level plan up whole of United Kingdom. Remember vote Conservatives this Thursday for Conservative advisors who keep your council tax low.”

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And after irritated locals pointed out out in mistake the tweet was deleted and rewritten to say northeast instead of Teesside. But many deputies and residents of the North-East took on twitter to smoke over in mistake.

North of Tyne Mayor Jamie Driscoll said: “No wonder Boris Johnson tweeted that he in Teesside when he was in Whitley Bay – he has no moral compass. #WhitleyBayNotTeesside.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson orders chips at Whitley Bay Chippy, The Whitley Whaler, on Bank holiday Monday.
(Image: Whitley Whaler)

Alan Campbell MP for Tynemouth said: “The Prime Minister believes he has been campaigning in Teesside. Actually he was in Whitley Bay North Tyneside. He doesn’t care where he is or what he is says. He really doesn’t care about who he is dating or what worries them. Vote for Labor on Thursday.”

Keith Osborne MP for Jarrow, said: “Boris Johnson knows so much about the North East that he thinks he in Teeside when he in Whitley Bay. have a clue in signboards behind you, Boris.

Meanwhile Dan Hicks wrote: “You can delete your tweet but Whitley Bay is still on Tyneside, not Teesside,” and Rachel Wermuth said, “It’s not Teesside. This is Whitley Bay in *Tyneside*. Hastily deleted PM, but still very, very funny.”


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