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Boris Johnson defiantly says goodbye to way for Liz Truss

Boris Johnson delivered a defiant speech outside downing street on Tuesday morning on his final day like uk prime minister before delivery over to new Tori party leader Liz Truss.

Johnson and Truss will meet the queen at her Balmoral estate. in Scotland – though they will fly in separate planes – for decoration new mode after grueling leadership race over summer.

Truss will return to London to give a speech around 4pm from Downing Street and then start announcing cabinet members. Kwasi Kwarteng is expected to be appointed Chancellor. with James Cleverley may become a foreigner secretary and Suella Braverman home secretary.

The farm will also move fast to overcome the energy crisis facing country – relief package what could cost up up to 100 billion pounds discussed on On Monday evening, energy executives and Jacob Rees-Mogg, appointed next business secretary.

new prime minister expected to be announced on Thursday plans according to which price freezes will protect households and businesses from rapid growth cost of energy – with ministers effectively set up a bloc price of power. cost of the scheme will be paid back either through consumer accounts or through taxation over for a long time term.

In his farewell speech, Johnson staggered off a list of achievements of his administration and promised give his sincere support to new Farm administration.

johnson, who was the central figure in 2016 campaign take Britain out of EU led by the Conservatives party to a historic victory in 2019 general elections by occupancy of former Labor centers that voted for Brexit.

But he was forced to announce that he was leaving in July after the line of scandals, including police fines for parties held at 10 Downing Street during the Covid-19 lockdown.

Tuesday morning he said support “each step of in the way Farm, who on Monday defeated Rishi Sunak and became party leader.

“I like one of those boosters that have served their purpose, and I will gently re-enter the atmosphere and splash around down invisibly in little remote dimming corner of Pacific Ocean, he said.

“Like Cincinnatus, I return to my plow and will offer this government nothing but the most ardent support”.

Some historians believe that Cincinnatus—despite his famous plow quote—later made return as ruler, fact What Classical School Graduate Johnson Should Have Known of.

Johnson did not linger on guest of difficult dilemmas facing his successor, who range from skyrocketing inflation and an expected recession to a wave of strikes.

Boris Johnson’s family, political colleagues, staff and fans applaud during his speech © NEIL HALL/EPA/Shutterstock

Instead, he decided to focus on positive pointssaying it private the investment sector was “a flood inand unemployment was at its lowest for half a century. “We got it economy moving again despite opposition and skeptics”.

He stated that he had left in economy strong enough to let new administration give people ” cash They need” to overcome the energy crisis.

“If Putin thinks he can succeed by intimidating or blackmailing the British people he is completely mistaken,” he said.

He said that his government “implemented Brexit” out fastest rollout of Covid vaccine in Europe, start work on high-speed rail lines and delivered early deliveries of weapons for Ukrainians government soon after invasion.

“It may have changed well of biggest European war for decades,” he said.

Although the speech was mostly upbeat, Johnson could not resist final dig into Conservative MPs who brought him down in July, despite the fact that he won vote of confidence early in in year.

“The relay will be passed over in which suddenly turned out be a relay race. . . They changed in rules halfway, but it doesn’t matter now,” he said.

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