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Boris Johnson clashes with Leonardo DiCaprio over Ulez Sadiq Khan expansion

Boris Johnson facing off against Leonardo DiCaprio in line over Sadiq Khan decision target motorists by expanding London’s Ultra Low Emissions Zone (Ulez).

In a letter to the Telegraph former prime minister and group of Conservative MPs criticize “raid with rout and capture”. on drivers”the mayor of London after his decision expand the low emission zone in all of Greater London. The pay will mean thousands of drivers have to pay £12.50 a day because their vehicles do not meet minimum pollution standards.

Intervention prompted Mr. Johnson against Mr DiCaprio star of movies like Titanic, Catch Me If You Can, and The Beach.

Hollywood A-lister took to social media lavish praise on Mr Khan for expanding Ulez, saying: “[It] would mean five million more people breath purifier air and will help to build better, greener, fairer London for each.

“It’s kind of large scale, decision action we need halve emissions this decade, combined with implementation of nature based on solutions”.

Is not first since Mr. DiCaprio supported the mayor of the Labor Party of London over his desire for reduce pollution in capital. In 2019, he praised Mr. Khan.”for taking lead on struggle air pollution in London”, adding: “Clean air is a human right.”

Mr. Khan, whose book “Breathe: A Solution to the Climate Emergency” is due to be published in May was quick to thank Mr. DiCaprio, saying it was great have it support.

Among the other signatories of the letter against the Ulez expansion is a colleague of Mr. Johnson. former the Conservative leader Sir Ian Duncan Smith; in former Transport Minister Chris Grayling; as well as current minister for London, Paul Scully.

Some 60 pcs. of respondents public consultation opposed Mr Khan plans spread Ulez to everything of Greater London.

In a letter coordinated by Orpington MP Gareth Bacon, MPs said Mr Khan decision is “undemocratic and a devastating blow to household budgets”.

mr johnson announced plans implement worldx first low emission zone in London in 2015, when he was the mayor of the capital. He has since opposed Mr. Khan’s plan to expand the zone. first to north and southern ring roads and now within sight of M25.

The deputies declared: “Ulez was never intended to be applied to outer London. This is a devastating raid. on drivers wallets that have nothing to do with air quality and everything with Khan’s mismanagement of [Transport for London’s] finance. And it comes at its worst possible time for family income.

Even though he insisted on not going ahead with Expanding Ulez if there is overwhelming resistance against it, Mr Khan told The Telegraph. last week: “I don’t call referendum; it was a consultation.

He also showed his intention to quit out “Singapore style” network of toll roads through London once drivers switched to electric vehicles. The Mayor of London has said tolls will be introduced in place of congestion and toll charges. for Ultra-Low Emission Zone (Ulez), which can use a network of cameras around the capital.

Mr Khan confirms his flagship Ulez policy on Thursday as part of Transport for London business plan to invest £8.1bn in Road and rail networks in London.

Improvements in the capital public transport system include replacement of Piccadilly line trains with a new a fleet that would have the opportunity to be run without a driver, if the government signs-off money to update signals and platforms.

Mr. Khan, chairman of TfL, has repeatedly clashed with Westminster over deployment of unmanned metro trains. Despite government pressure to consider introducing self-driving car technology, the Mayor of London has branded such changes like “madness”.

However, industry sources told the Telegraph that City Hall officials regularly in conversation with bosses in likes of Siemens is building Piccadilly line trains – on signaling upgrades and installation of screens on platforms to make unmanned trains reality.

Separately, business plan set £150 million a year year to 2026 to be spent on building new Bicycle paths.

Meanwhile, officials have hinted that TfL may agree to sponsorship. of London Underground Stations – Main Plank of unsuccessful bid by Conservative mayoral candidate Sean Bailey last year.

business plan said, “We are demonstrating new and innovative ways of working with brands. This includes innovative brand activation on Underground, creative collaborations using our globally recognized icons and filming management of Hollywood blockbusters network.”

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