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Bommai continues CM’: BJP leaders reject speculation of leadership change

Bharatiya Janata national general secretary Arun Singh on Tuesday said Chief Minister It will not be Basavaraj Bommai removeddubbing questions on they change in “Virtual” command.

Singh was responding to speculation that Bomai might be replaced as part of A full I pledged to go back of Council elections 2023.

“Hypothetical questions I won’t have an answer,” Singh said. who Runs BJP affairs in Karnataka, when asked about the change in Leadership. “Bommai is a common man. People like for him for The way He’s working for The poor and farmers under the leadership of Prime Minister Modi.

Deputed Minister of Revenue R Ashoka Singh. “Nobody should dream about this. there is no doubt of The CM Getting changed”, adding that Federal Home Minister Amit Shah has already announced What would Bommai do lead BJP to next election. “Bomai has blessings of “Ashoka” added.

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Hum may be Bomay changed Came to the fore after the BJP national general secretary (Organization) BL Santhosh, in A party Meeting in Mysuru last week, he said changes They become essential to infuse freshness. This led to the confusion of the BJP party Circles began to speculate of Gujarat-like Change “wholesale”, including a new Chief Minister.

Santosh’s statement came just Days before Amit Shah arrival in Bengaluru, owner second Visit in about a month.

Tuesday, two former BJP chief ministers had different things to say on The issue. “There is no such thing news. that it just BS Ydurapa told reporters while Jagdish Shettar said: “I don’t want to discuss this.

speculation also diffuse on Expansion or cabinet reshuffle of Bommai Cabinet. I am confident that the expansion of the government will definitely happen in 2-3 days,” Yediyurappa said. “Shah came here with a final decision on which – which. So, he may announce it here or go back to delhi for Discussion with Prime Minister Modi said.

Bommai has five vacancies in his government.

President Nalin Kumar Katil ruled out Bomay exit.

End speculation of Changing leadership as ‘virtual’, Singh said Bhumai’common man and people here like for him. Yediorapa, who Replaced by Bommai in July last yearHe also said that there are no such conversations about leadership change and what’s going on on They are just “guess”.

Cattell said there is no wear in The party on leadership issueand the BJP will go to the polls together as teamUnder the leadership of of Bommai and Yediyurappa Guidelines.

However, Bijapur City BJP MLA Basanagouda Patil Yatnal said the senior leadership is thinking of big changes to make government more effective, speed up developmentand address allegations of corruption. “It may happen before May 10.” It should be noted that Yatnal, a well-known critic of Yediyurappa was among the first To predict the exit of the BJP strongman from CM post.

fresh round of Speculation about a change of leadership in state, he was affiliated with the BJP national general secretary Statement by BL Santosh on Sunday that party lies strength in induction of new faces.

middle of puffs in The party Circuits that overhaul of Cabinet can not rule outBJP staff members mention hope that a decision It is likely soon about a cabinet expansion or reshuffle, amid talks that could be held by many incumbents way for new faces. Bomay, who Under pressure to expand or reshuffle his department as soon as possible, he had indicated earlier that he would try to discuss it with Shah during this visit.

there currently Five vacancies in The state government, which includes 29 ministers, including the head of state, ministerto against allowable force of 34.

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