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bodycam shows Arizona cops stand by as the man pleads for help and drowning in lake

The chilling camera captured the moment Arizona cops allegedly stood by as the man pleaded with them. for help before drowning in lake.

Frames and transcript of a May 28 incident obtained by 12News shows that an officer told Sean Beakings, “I don’t jump in after you” moments before his death in water in the city lake Tempe.

The officers were called to the Elmore Footbridge. in Tempe just after 5 am to report of quarrel between a couple.

When they arrived on scene, Mr. Beakings, aged 34, and his wife, who was not named, informed the officers that no physical fight took place.

The officers then told the couple that they checked their names against a database to verify. for any outstanding orders for their arrests.

At this moment, Mr. Beekings appears. in camera footage tells police that he is going to “for swim”.

“I will go for swim I’m free, right? Mr Beakings says.

34-year- the old one then scrambles over metal fence and sits on in edge of water.

Officers stand and watch from the water edge and tell him he can’t swim in Lake.

“You can’t swim in Lake,” one of officers tell him.

Mr. Beekings then jumps into the water. below bridge and starts to float away.

The officers make no move to pull him out of the water, just watching them discuss:how far,” they think that he will have time to swim.

The bodycam was only released in part for city officials with footage hidden of the specific moment Mr. Beakings drowned.

Officials said the remaining footage was “confidential” so a partial written transcript of bodycam has been released instead.

In transcript 34-year- the old one pleads with the officers “help me” and repeatedly says that he will “drown”.

“So what’s your plan right now?” one of the officer asks Mr. Beakings.

“I’ll drown,” he replies, according to the transcript.

The same officer dismisses his concerns, saying, “No, it’s not.”

Another officer urges him to “at least go up to the pylon and hold on”.

“I’m drowning,” Mr. Beakings replies.

Officer again tells him: “Come back over to the pylon.”

When 34-year-old replies “I can’t. I can’t”, the officer refuses to receive in water in help his.

“Okay, I don’t jump in behind you, officer says.

Mr. Beekings and his wife plead with the officers to do something to save him from drowning.

“Please help to me. Please, please, please,” Mr. Beakings pleads.

His wife tells the officers, “He’s sinking right in front of you and you wont help”.

No it’s not clear how long has mr beakings been left to struggle in water before he disappeared below the surface and drowned.

Officials said at least one of The officers did try to get the boat to help 34-year-old.

His body was eventually retrieved from the lake six hours after.

Three officers on the scene was posted on paid administrative leave for the duration of the investigation.

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