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Body of volunteer Paul Ury returned from Ukraine to the UK | Ukraine

body of Paul Urey, British Relief Volunteer who died after being captured by Russian fighters in Ukraine was returned to Great Britain.

family members of Warrington man raises £9,000 to have him repatriated body after the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) said it could not pay the travel costs.

Yury, 45, was captured by pro-Russian separatists with other British citizens in April after a trip to Donetsk.

He originally planned join Ukrainian Foreign Legion, but was rejected on for health reasons and became a volunteer aid.

Shortly thereafter, he was captured at a checkpoint near the southeast city of Zaporozhye, his family members pleaded with their Russian captors to provide him with the medicine he needs to treat his type 1 diabetes.

When it death Reported in July, Russian official Natalya Nikonorova blamed “acute coronary insufficiency aggravated by pulmonary and cerebral edema.”

Yuri was also in “a depressed psychological state due to indifference to one’s fate in their homeland, another official told the Russian state media.

Despite rumors that his captors denied his life-saving medication, one of the British are detained with he said he was given insulin.

Dylan Healy also however, he described how they were tortured and said that the couple survived a mock execution.

22-year-old told the Mirror: “There was no panic, I resigned myself. I don’t want cry because it won’t change anything. They yelled at you if you were sleeping.

“They filled me with water. They put me on table, put a rag in my mouth and poured water in until it choked.

“When I talked to Paul, he said that this had never happened to him. They are wanted to know how we got behind lines and why, and if we were British spies.

“There was regular beatings every day. They had old-fashioned police batons and my ribs were broken.

Russians love of Taser, they had these long prongs that they put on your skin. Paul was hit with a taser, he said it was easier what he thought.”

When Yuri body was released in September, foreign policy minister Dmitry Kuleba, stated that the examination showed “signs of of possible unheard of torture.”

Healy, who described his time in captivity as “painful experiencewho he did not expect to survive, said that Yuuri suffered another beating two days before his death.

“They did something that made him scream for 10, 20 seconds,” he said. “I don’t think I’ll ever hear anyone scream like what again. It was last once I saw Paul alive.”

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