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BMW also plans to produce affordable electric vehicles.

One of the common complaints about electric cars is that they are expensive, so only the rich can afford them. Unfortunately, that’s still true at this point – the industry rule is that an electric version of two models with the same hardware costs about 40 percent more – but let’s not forget that this is relatively new technology. Just this week, we reported that Volvo’s CEO already has an idea of ​​when prices for electric and combustion engine vehicles could equalize.

An “affordable” electric car is a hot topic in the automotive industry. anyway: India’s Tata recently unveiled the cheapest electric model in the world, so it can be said that we are approaching the world of electric vehicles with really understandable prices.

According to the BMW manager, they will have a serious income from the lower segment in the future (Photo: BMW)

BMW has joined this lineup, – reports InsideEVs. The newspaper drew attention to an interview given to Reuters by the company’s CEO Oliver Zipse, in which the head of BMW said that they had no intention of leaving the lower model categories.

It is a mistake to leave the lower segments of the market, even if the brand considers itself a premium manufacturer, because that is where most of the future revenues will come from

– said Oliver Zipse.

A strange statement from a company whose cars do not particularly attract savings and a frugal lifestyle. The company’s smallest model currently available, the BMW 1 Series, starts at HUF 12 million, while the ” Basic version » costs almost 15 million forints

Of course, it cannot be ruled out that Zipse was not thinking about BMW Mini models, but about its own. At the time of this writing, the price of the three-door model starts at HUF 8.1 million, which is still not cheap, but in 2022 one has to accept that the prices of lower category cars will also start at over HUF 5 million. HUF

By the way, the Mini range currently includes only one purely electric model, the starting price of which is more than 12.5 million. However, since the company’s goal is to sell only electric vehicles by 2030, it is likely that Mini will bring cheaper (alleged) models to the BMW group.

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