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Bloomberg Details 4K Dev Kits for Switch, Nintendo Claims This Is “Inaccurate”

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Bloomberg details 4K development kits for Switch and Nintendo claims this is “inaccurate”

We get a really outstanding rumor related to 4K . The truth is that, with the OLED model on the horizon, it seems unlikely that another revision with another technology will be announced. However, a recent report not officially confirmed suggests that 4K would indeed be working on Nintendo Switch.

The information is as follows, from Bloomberg :

  • 11 video game companies would have 4K development kits for Nintendo Switch, “from large publishers to small studios and include least one who has never made a console game before, Zynga. ”
  • They do not rule out that there are more companies apart from those 11 initials.
  • They don’t expect it to be released until the end of next year at the earliest, according to their sources.
  • Developers expect to ship their Switch 4K games during or after the second half of the next year.
  • They claim that Nintendo’s original plans were different but these changed due to a shortage of components.

  • Last July Nintendo began sending 4K development kits for Switch to studios, asking them to create higher resolution games.

Finally, it should be noted that Nintendo has already ruled on the matter, crossing out these reports as “inaccurate” and did not want to specify which parts of the information he was referring to, according to n the response Bloomberg has received.

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