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Blockchain-themed Manga Series Hopes to Take Japan by Storm

The lead character of the brand-new series discusses the principle of blockchain, dispersed cryptocurrencies and journals to a mesmerized time-traveling hero.

Japanese manga authors can’t get enough of cryptocurrency and blockchaintechnology There was the manga-themed monacoin (MONA) and its accompanying MonaComi manga comic series. Came a bitcoin (BTC)- themed manga series that revolves around the origins of the world’s most popular cryptocurrency.

And the current addition to this fast- growing toolbox of crypto-themed literary art is Nobunaga Blockchain— a series everything about stimulating social transformation utilizing the power of blockchain technology.

The brand-new title was penned by a former financial sector employee who has actually chosen to put his blockchain technology know-how to usage worldwide of manga writing.

Per a news release from publisher Gentosha, the series focuses around a female staff member at an IT business. She butts heads with a slow-witted and persistent manager who annoys her efforts to present a blockchain technology- powered business platform.

The female lead character swears to end up being skilled in blockchain technology and “overthrow the old social system.”

Things get great when she is assisted by a time-traveling advanced hero from Japan’s past– who appears to be simply as crazy about the concept of blockchain technology as she is. Together, the duo plots to “create a new social structure” where whatever is decentralized, clever agreements are the standard and cryptocurrencies change traditional fiats.

The first concern (“Block 1”), offered here, makes various referrals to blockchain technology, in addition to a number of bitcoin referrals.

The publisher has actually contacted readers to chime in with their own concerns and remarks about blockchain.

Journalism release authors price estimate the series’ artist as mentioning,

“I honestly didn’t know much about blockchain technology before I started work on this title, but I’m now amazed every day by its potential to become a world-changing technology. The writer has made it very easy to understand, and came up with a blockchain-themed storyline.”

The series even has a real-life blockchain backer, in the type of Japanese blockchain HR and education business TART

The company’s CEO believed that the brand-new series might assist “people who know nothing about blockchain develop an interest” in the technology.

In Japan, it appears, the relationship in between bitcoin, anime, manga and blockchain continues to deepen by the day.

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