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Blame Shahbaz Gill if he is guilty of going against Law: Imran Khan

PTI Chairman Imran Khan. — PTI/Instagram

In a televised address on On Wednesday, PTI Chairman Imran Khan said that Shahbaz Gill should get chance clear yourself in court.

“Shahbaz Gill should be blamed if he said anything that goes against law,” Khan said, defending his party member and claiming that his driver was attacked and his vehicle glass was smashed.

During his address to PTI supporters via video link, Khan slammed coalition government for CONSPIRACY against his party.

“They are [government] I had some problems with in fact that the army and the PTI were on same page. Even India recognized this,” Khan said.

former PM says Israel and India were ‘overjoyed’ after his ouster in commemoration of regime change conspiracy.

Khan added that PTI social media wing, mainly of youth exposed by disinformation campaigns against country.

“The EU disinformation lab exposed how India was plotting against Pakistan and those in in current government we also part of disinformation campaign against countries,” said the head of PTI.

Commenting on In the case of foreign funding, Khan argued that there was nothing significant in it.

“PTI held a fundraiser for political purposes. We provided the names of 40,000 donors for ECP, who now the ECP calls them foreigners,” he complained, adding that his party provided the commission with all the details.

Orientation towards other political parties of hiding his funding sources, Khan said that corrupt parties would never be able to raise funds.

“People gave us donations and we have audit books for prove that while other political parties have no evidence show how they received funds,” he noted, noting that these parties have nothing to prove how they get their money.

former Prime Minister called the ESP report “fake” and said that the commission was biased against PTI as she was only researching him party despite the decision of the court.

“They are [government] tried to technically knock down us out cooperating with ESP,” he said.

ESP also said the commission on in governments side during the by-election. “All of them plans failed by-elections,” he commented, adding that they [government] we sure to win elections, but the nation decided to go against them.

He accused government campaign against PTI against army. The PTI chairman said it was “extremely dangerous”. for country.

“Today they say that we against army, and now they [the government leaders] become patriots who call us traitors,” he said, adding that he was not indifferent to Pakistan and those who take care of the country want their army must be strong.

“They tried to break our party”, he said, claiming that foreign elements had overthrown him government because they don’t want see a strong Pakistan.

“Those who conspire against PTI are part of of outside conspiracy,” he said. added.

He also it turned out that party leaders received threats from the outlawed Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP).

former the prime minister said that the only way take the country out of the crisis was through free and fair elections.

Referring to the Toshakhan controversy, Khan said that the decision coalition just tried to slander him reputation via link.

“They are just trying to catch me in case and inspire fear, so as not to one listens to my point of view of view,” he said.

“Everyone got gifts as well as should be researched. Asif Ali Zardari took three cars from Toshahana, and Nawaz Sharif took one”, he said, claiming that he only took Toshakhan gifts after “completing all legal formalities.

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