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“BJP will go down to 50, if…”

five of dinar (U) six MLAs in Manipur joined The ruling Bharatiya Janata Party on Friday.

New Delhi:

Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar said today that the BJP “will come down up to 50 seats in 2024 elections ‘if all opposition parties fight together “.” I’m working for This,” said Mr. Kumar, who probably national role Leading political talks since abandoning BJP last month to form a new government with Old Allies, RJD Petgashwi Yadav and Congress. He has so far avoided questions about his ambitions.

for him latest call for The opposition unit came in Speech to his face party JDU State Executive Meeting in Patna. Speaking to reporters earlier, he confirmed that he will visit Delhi in The next Few days to meet with Senior leaders and prospects of Opposition unit. he did not do share any details.

He was speaking a day after five of six JDU MLAs in Manipur joined The ruling Bharatiya Janata Party, which has former Partner income elsewhere round of Rhetoric.

Bihar BJP MP and Nitish Kumar former MP Sushil Kumar Modi last Night mocked by JDU over Her MLAs change, he said party will collapse in Bihar as well. After Arunachal, Manipur also JDU is free. very soon Will make Laluj Bihar also Free JDU,” he tweeted in Hindi, also mocking RJD chief Lalu Prasad Yadav, father of vice Chief Minister Cheer up Yadav.

Then JDU Chairman Rajiv Ranjan Singh “Lalan” hit back asks Sushil Modi not to “daydream”. he is also BJP accused of don’t commit”coalition dharma” in Arunachal Pradesh, where all seven JDU MLAs merged with judgment party Even when they were allies in NDA.

“I want to remind you that both in Arunachal and Manipur, JDU won Seats with BJP defeat…what happened in Arunachal Pradesh because of Your commitment to the alliance? ” in Indian.

Speaking to reporters, Mr. Singh said the center’s actions in Countries ruled by the opposition like Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Delhi and Jharkhand showed ‘fear and despair’ BJP’s future of 2024 Lok Sabha Poll. Asked if it could happen in Bihar too, he said there politics in every vein of State and nothing will happen here.

he is also claim what happened in Manipur was because”money power”.

Nitish Kumar said all six Manipur MLAs have visited in Bihar expressed his happiness over The JDU abandoned the BJP-led NDA. “Just imagine what happens. How they break off MLAs who won from other parties.” party office in Patna.

in call for united front against The BJP said, “If all the opposition parties join People’s forces will be very mandated good. “

as such for JDU’s Fate in Manipur five years ago of that it six MLAs joined BJP – more Of the thirds – cross them over considered valid. in Arunachal Pradesh, six of Seven of the JDU legislators were joined BJP in 2020; And the only remaining MLA did that last week.

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