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BJP welcomes walk in Amrit Kal with launch of Central Vista Avenue today; Routes detailing police instructions to avoid

The path is an example of public Ownership and empowerment. will moody also Unveiled a statue of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose at the Gateway of India. these steps be in Line with The prime minister’s second “Punch Bran” for New India in Amrit Kal: Remove any trace of colonial mentality.

CPWD has set up Five sales areas where each will be allowed 40 sellers and two blocks near India Gate with eight shops All. Some countries have shown interest in set up their food stalls. Entire stretch Renovated under the Moody government, redevelopment amidst the ambitious Vista project.

In a statement, the prime minister’s office He said over Al-Sunni, Rajat and neighboring areas of Central Vista Avenue was under pressure of Traffic increase of visitors, which poses pressure on its infrastructure. lack basic means of comfort like public toilets and drinking water, street Furniture and adequate parking space. Moreover, there were insufficient banners, bad maintenance of Water features and random positions.

also need I felt to organize the Republic Day Parade and others national events in in a less disruptive way with minimal restrictions on public a movement. “The redevelopment was done with these concerns in mind in mind while also Ensure integrity and continuity of Architectural character.

The ‘Kartavia Trail’ will showcase beautiful landscapes and meadows with lanes, added green spaces, renovated canals, new rest blocks, improved Banners and kiosks. additional, new lower footpaths, improved parking spaces, new Improved night lighting and display panels are some of the other things features that will enhance public experience.

that official in The Federation’s Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs said there will be massive deployment of police personnel and security guards ensure There is no of it theft and damage to newly installed facilities. About 80 security men will be watching on The stretch.

The official He said that 19 acres of total Channel area It has been renovated. It has been installed with Infrastructure such as aerators. There are 16 bridges on Entire stretch. Boats will be allowed in two channels – one Near Krishi Bhawan and another around Vanijya Bhawan.

The official He said keeping clean would be a challenge as such people in A large number will crowd in Rajpath, which is considered the most popular public space in The city. “We have appealed people To maintain hygiene. big teams of Sanitation workers will be deployed official He said.

along Rajpath, area 3.90 lakh square meters posted developed with Greenery is everywhere. Moreover , new Red granite walkways extending 15.5 km were created to replace the Bagri sands that lined the ground earlier. else official He said that parking space for 1,125 vehicles Manufactured in Entire stretch. parking space for 35 buses have been set up near India Gate. seventy-four historical light The columns and all the chain links were restored. more than 900 new light Columns are installed. Concrete columns replaced with over 1000 white sandstone pillars to preserve the character of the area.

According to the ministry over 400 seats, 150 rubbish bins and more from 650 new Banners installed on Entire stretch. one hundred and one acre of Lawns have been replanted with various types of The right grass for them location. Appropriate ramps and drainage channels are incorporated to minimize damage caused from slack of Water.

four new The underpasses were for pedestrians built in busy Road intersections to separate vehicular traffic from pedestrian traffic, making street Safe to cross. The ministry said the long blocks and underpasses have slopes with Handrails at appropriate heights for Safe use by children and those with special abilities. He said that the arrangements for The Republic Day Parade was unified and incorporated.

Terraced units have been proposed for Seating arrangements on Republic Day, saving time and effort in Adjust-up dismantling and minimizing damage to lawns” also He said. The light Equipped columns with it is necessary technology and services for The annual Republic Day Parade, connected to the newly laid underground service lines, added.

redevelopment project of Central Vista – The Nation power Corridor – imagined a new tripartite parliament buildinga common Central Secretariat, renovation of the three-kilometre Rajpath, A new prime residence and officeand new pocket cum.

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