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BJP suspends arrest of Telangana MLA Raja Singh over Prophet’s note

The BJP leader from Telangana, Te Raja Singh, has been suspended by party The state police arrested him on Tuesday for take notes against the Prophet in video posted on social media. raja singh, who He is BJP MLA from Goshamahal in Hyderabad , also Facing an expulsion from the party that issued him a show cause Notice asking him to submit in writing reply by 2 September.

The development It comes two months after the suspension of the BJP national Nupur Sharma’s spokesperson has expelled Delhi leader Naveen Kumar Jindal for their notes on the Prophet. Sharma comments, in Television showIt was triggered a international Backlash, mainly from countries in The Middle East.

Raja Singh has been detained from his residence on a mission force Under the supervision of the Hyderabad Police Commissioner, he appeared before the 14th Additional Magistrates Court. However, the court rejected the police’s request for pre-trial detention, stating that they had not served notice under Section 41A of the Criminal Procedure Code prior to his arrest.

Court orders release of Raja Singh on Provided that he will not leave city He will seek permission from the police before he steps out of for him home. The court said it was not a flight risk because it is elected member of Legislative Assembly. Officials said they would withdraw down the video in A question.

Raja Singh claimed his remarks were part of that of “comedy video” made in in reply to show detained in Hyderabad to stand-up Comedian Munwar Farooqi. Farooqui faced Multiple protests from pro-Hindustva groups after that in jail for Month in Indoor last year on shipment of hurt religious feelings. he gave in Hyderabad on Saturday.

Hyderabad DCP (South Zone) Sai Chaitanya said Raja Singh was booked under sections IPC 295 A (Deliberate and malicious acts intended to stir up religious sentiments); 153a (Spreading hostility between different groups on Reasons of Religion and harmful acts maintenance of harmony); 505 (1) (b) (statement with intention cause Fear or alert to public); and 505 (phrases leading to public Harm).

In a message sent to member Raja Singh Om Pathak secretary of The BJP Central Disciplinary Committee said the Telangana leader “expressed opinions contrary to the party’s position.” on various things, which is in clear violation of Article 25-10(a) of constitution of BJP”.

“I have been directed to inform you that pending further investigation, your membership in . has been suspended party It is your responsibilities/tasks, if any, with Immediate effect is stated in the message.

“Excuse me also show cause Within 10 days of its date of This notice why you should not kicked out of party. Your details reply You must reach the below site no later than the second of September 2022”.

Article 25-10(a) of The BJP constitution states that “representation or carrying on Advertising against any program or decision of The party will be considered a breach of discipline.

Speaking to reporters, Raja Singh said, “I don’t understand on What is the basis for the police registration of the flight information because I did not have the name of any particular community. My video was directed at Farooqi as I stood by my words and did not hurt anyone’s feelings. this was first part of Video, there will be second Video too.

President of AIMIM Asaad Al-Din Al-Owaisi, who party ally of The ruling TRS condemned Raja Singh’s comments and said, “The BJP is conspiring to disturb law and order.” in Hyderabad and Telangana”.

“Why are they so bent? on creating problem in Peaceful Telangana? There are many issues that the BJP can tackle, like rising Unemployment and inflation. Instead, they cause law and order problems with “Irresponsible statements,” Al-Owaisi said.

Telangana Congress President M Bhatti Vikramarca denounced Raja Singh’s remarks and demanded the BJP “should Don’t protect him.”

BJP state leaders rejected comment on The issue. Union Minister J Kishan Reddy said the police had taken measures to record the flight information. “The law will take its own course,” he said.

Raja Singh has been blocked by Facebook in September 2020”for violate it policy Ban those who promote or share in Violence and hate out of existence on Platform “.

his statements on The Prophet comes at a precise time for The BJP, which is pushing to emerge as a political alternative force in Telangana.

Talking to Indian Express، BJP leaders said Singh’s comments embarrassed party Attention is diverted from aggression campaign against TRS Governing and Opposition Congress on key Issues such as corruption and dynasty politics. statements also he goes against declared position of The party on Controversial comments on They said religious figures.

The leaders said that Raja Singh “is important and hard work leader with ground level support“- But he should I stayed within the limits.”

Referring to the action taken against Nupur Sharma and Naveen Kumar Jindal, A senior national The BJP leader said, “When party I took a stand and got stuck national Official Spokesperson and Others for similar notes, how Can Raja Singh take it seriously? Why should put the party in Such a difficult situation? What was need To make these notes? “

According to the leader, the party He sent an internal memo to its units and leaders in the country, including spokespersons, strictly asking them to refrain from making any “insulting statements”. against religious figures.

When asked if Raja Singh’s statements influenced the BJP’s statements plans in Telangana, the leader said: “This is not a question of our plans influence. it’s a more about discipline. You can personally respect or disrespect the characters of other religions. But when there is instructions from the Central Command to avoid such notes, one should You did not do this. On this basis, I have violated party discipline.”

In June, after Sharma and Jindal’s remarks, the BJP general secretary Arun Singh had released a statement saying that the party Strongly deplores the insults of Any religious figures of any religion “and”against Any ideology insults or degrades any sect or religion.”

According to another senior Remarks by BJP leader, Raja Singh, ‘that came before the unrest over The Nupur Sharma Incident was downgraded too much for The party to bear it.”

“especially in In the south, the BJP will have to pay huge sums price for inaction against Like these leaders. Raja Singh has escaped with Lots of controversial statements, but no longer.

However, the BJP also Be careful after doing it against Sharma and Jindal led to a hum of opposition in some sections of The party against Surrender under pressure of Islamic countries and groups.

big party Leaders at the time that party You will not tolerate comments against the Prophet. There have been controversial notes, some of them of Sentimental, the opposition continues to accuse us of polarized society for electoral gains. The party The leadership can ignore it. But the comments against Religious figures cannot be accepted,” a party said the leader.

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