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BJP MP Gautam Gambhir condemns the threats against Nupur Sharma, hits out In “secular liberals for their silence

BJP East Delhi MP Gautam Gambhir extended support To Nupur Sharma, who commented as party official speaker for her statements against The Prophet and the Muslim communitycondemned the threats issued against to her.

Gambir tweeted, “Silence of The so-called “secular liberals” on disgusting display of hate and death Threats across the country against a woman who Apologize is definitely deafening.”

Clarify that it wasn’t in support of He later said in her statements: “No one supported these statements made by Nupur Sharma. The party Severe disciplinary action has been taken against She and she have unequivocally apologised for The same.”

he is also Referred to as protests in several countries over statements against The Prophet: “The traveler display of hatred, death Threats against she and she family and coordinated riot in different parts of country is cause of interest. until more Silence wonder of These liberals are secular who blame our party for The so-called intolerance. that it clear who – which vote bank politics he is in play in Some countries where rioters wreaked havoc with Escaping from the Punishment. I commend the actions taken by UP government To control the situation and discourage such behavior. This type of Behavior cannot be tolerated in India Twenty-first Century”.

Stop BJP Sharma, one of that it national Official speakers, from the party’s primary membership for her statements in TV debate. Meanwhile, BJP’s Delhi unit, Jindal, expelled, who heads party’s media lonliness in Delhi, for his tweets.

Former Board Member of Safdarjung Radhika Abrol also extended to her support To Sharma by posting the video on Her Facebook page. However, the video was captured later down.

Abrol said Indian Express That video was removed For its part as Facebook said goes against they community Standards. “I supporting Nupur as an individual. Just because I’m associated with an organization doesn’t mean I don’t have my own ideas. there space for open thinking in our party. “

former media Rahul Trivedi, Committee Member and BJP Leader also show him support He tweeted: “No one above the party creed, but way Some organizations have people They are trying to destabilize the country with Foreign money, they will never succeed in their intention. all national with (Sister.”

The leader of the BJP, Kapil Mishra, as well as leaders at the Mandal and district level, also publicly supported Sharma.

The Indian Express had earlier reported that there were murmurs of discontent in Delhi Bharatiya Janata Unit over Comment and expulsion of Sharma and Jindal for their notes.

senior leaders in The government unit said that while most leaders avoid appearing, support on social mediaSome expressed their dissatisfaction in Internal WhatsApp groups and personal chats.

Accidents commanders said of The past two to three days, with protests in Only several countries have strengthened support.


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