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BJP announces candidates for Delhi civic body’s mayoral poll | Latest News Delhi

Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on On Tuesday, Rikha Gupta and Kamal Baghdi named their nominees for Position elections of Mayor and Deputy Mayor of municipal corporation of Delhi (MCD). Gupta is the three-term advisor of Shalimar Bagh while he was a Bagdi elected for the first Time from Ram Nagar.

Gupta, that advocateHe was a consultant between 2007 and 2017 and held this position various positions in Bharatiya Janata Party. she is also vice president of and All India BJP Mahila Morcha.

Bagdi is a firstCounselor time, work with Youth wing of the Bharatiya Janata Party for over a decade.

they will take on Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) mayoral candidate Shelly Oberoi (39), who he is former professor And the first- Member of Parliament from East Patel Nagar and Deputy Candidate Alli Muhammad Iqbal (31), Three times Member of Parliament from Chandni Mahal.

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Bharatiya Janata Party Chairman Delhi Labor Virender Sachdeva told him party Balanced ‘young and experience”.

“We will work for the success of Sachdeva said.

AAP spokespeople did not respond to requests for quest comment on Bharatiya Janata Party candidates.

In the first MCD meeting on On January 6, the 250 council members will be sworn in and elect the mayor and deputy mayor, besides six Individuals of Standing Committee. Mayor ( post booked up for woman in the first year), deputy mayor and members of the Standing Committee remain in office Until April, after which new elections will be held.

Kamaljit Sehrawat (Dwarka), former mayor of South Delhi Municipal Corporation, Gajendra Daral (Mundka) and Pankaj Luthra (Jhilmil) have been named as BJP candidates for MCD Standing Committee.

In the civic elections held earlier this month, AAP won 134 of 250 suites in Delhi, while the BJP won 104 seats.

Electoral College for The election of The mayor includes 250 advisors, 10 members of Parliament of Delhi, and 1/5 of Members of Assembly (14) nominated by the Speaker, rotating annually. Delhi Assembly Spokesperson on Friday 13th AAP’s Nomination one Bharatiya Janata Party legislator for the acting in and MCD.

Council members are free to vote for anyone in Municipal polls regardless of party Affiliations because anti-defection law does not apply.

Meanwhile, two members of the AAP Council have filed nominations for Municipal elections. This prompted the BJP to claim “rebellionwithin limits partya claim denied by the AAP.

Apart from Oberoi and Iqbal, the AAP’s official Anthology for The mayor and deputy mayor are running respectively, and partyCR Park Council member Ashu Thakur has filed a nomination for municipal opinion poll, while Jalaj Kumar of Shalimar Bagh gave A one for deputy.

Thakur, who he is firstAt one time, a consultant, she said she had put forward her candidacy as a “mock candidate”, as is usually the case ensure a party has a backup, in the event The primary candidate’s nomination was rejected. “I got engaged with aap for the past Nine years, Thakur said.

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Municipal MCD secretary However, Bhagwan Singh said, “Nominations are screened when candidates submit them. There is no scope of Reject nominations.

BJP Delhi President Virender Sachdeva said, “It is clear there is rebellion in and AAP and party Changes pre-announced candidates under pressure.”

aap official Claims rejected. nominations of Oberoi and Iqbal have been accepted by the relevant authority. Other nominations, if any, will be withdrawn in accordance with rules and systems within the specified schedule,” the AAP said official.

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