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Bitcoin wallet developed by Argentines already provides support for Taproot

The Bitcoin wallet Muun was a pioneer in updating its software to support the Taproot improvement proposal. Already two days ago, on November 12, Muun had enabled the mechanism that allowed his users to be prepared for the soft-fork .

Now that Taproot has already been activated in Bitcoin for a few hours, as reported by CriptoNoticias, Muun users are among the first to benefit from the update.

The main advantage that Muun users now have is privacy. Until now, the outgoing addresses in this wallet were described in blockchain explorers as “multi-signature transactions.” But, since Taproot is activated, they look like “normal” Bitcoin transactions, although they are still multi-signature.

Information about the support that Muun would give to Taproot , was released on Muun’s official blog in a post titled “Designing a fool-proof mechanism to improve scripts ” ( Designing a foolproof script upgrading mechanism .

When opening the Muun mobile application, the following images are observed with reference to Taproot and your new improvement:

The «Emergency Kit» referred to in the previous images are a method security developed by Muun for its users. With the arrival of Taproot, Muun users are advised to update this kit so that their wallet has the necessary descriptors to use this new improvement of Bitcoin.

In computing Descriptors are files that allow you to describe the way or form in which certain data is stored. In Muun’s case, that’s what updating his “Emergency Kit” is all about. It contains the mechanism that will help keep the descriptor updated and allows the use of Taproot safely with this wallet.

Muun’s new tool beyond the arrival of Taproot to Bitcoin

The reason behind the development and release of this new Muun update tool is not just the use of Taproot. In the publication where this tool is presented, an important topic is touched on the scalability of Bitcoin, the constant advances in the area of ​​addresses to receive BTC and new scripts.

According to Muun’s team, having an «Emergency Kit» and its new descriptor update mechanism is the best way to maintain an optimal level of adaptability in your application, without neglecting the security that this type of purse must have.

In Muun’s most recent blog post also mentions some of the disadvantages Bitcoin currently faces in terms of the efficiency and privacy it offers. Among them, the fact that using more advanced scripts ( scripts ) means losing the privacy of a transaction almost completely. In addition, the commission that such a transaction would pay would be much higher than the average.

Taproot offers a solution to the problem mentioned above, since it allows the most complex scripts to look identical to those of the common transactions that have always been made in Bitcoin. This makes it much more difficult to locate which transactions have used this enhancement. In addition to this, Taproot also allows transaction fees to be lower than average.

Muun is a Bitcoin wallet developed by a company born in Argentina. Months ago, in an interview with CriptoNoticias, CEO Darío Sneidermanis explained that they have, among their priorities, maintaining high security and that the wallet can be easily used even by non-expert users.


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