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Bitcoin reaches the television grid of Argentina and Uruguay

The dissemination of news about bitcoin (BTC) and cryptocurrencies in general is not limited only to digital media, but has also reached those considered traditional. Criptovisión, an initiative of a journalist and lawyer and an administration expert, offers viewers a “welcome to the ecosystem,” says one of its hosts.

The journalist, broadcaster and lawyer Martín Ferratto, one of the creators of the cycle, explained to CriptoNoticias that the idea for the program came about in 2019. The main objective of Criptovisión, which can be seen on the Metro channel and on YouTube, is to “empower people with crypto-financial and technological information.”

«We focus on the general public, but we also do interviews in which we learn in each of the areas related to cryptocurrencies. This is a wink for the public that is already in the ecosystem “, says Ferratto.

While the first season can be seen in its entirety on YouTube, the second season is already is in the process of recording , now with the support of Inversor Global, an Argentine financial services company. Weekly chapters are released both on television and on the web.

The second season of Criptovisión is in recording and some chapters can already be seen on YouTube. Source: YouTube.

On the other hand, the host tells that «Cryptovision has as its spirit the crypto instinct that leads us to think that something is going to one side or to the other or it will work or not. It is an invitation for viewers to be encouraged to support and follow their own crypto views with knowledge. ”

Association and first experiments

Martín Ferratto, who exercises his role as communicator in the city of Santa Fe, capital of the homonymous province in Argentina, says that met the administration graduate Iñaki Apezteguía in 2018 , when he attended his radio program to talk about cryptocurrencies. This is how a year later they decided to start projecting Criptovisión, an educational program for the general public. In 2020, CriptoNoticias reported a similar initiative but aimed at children on Portuguese television.

In their first encounters, in addition to shaping this product that can be seen on the television grid of Argentina and Uruguay through the Metro channel , both partners did a pilot test for the journalist to learn how to use a purse. “Iñaki helped me buy 100 Argentine pesos of bitcoin (BTC) in 2019. We recently calculated that those 100 pesos are now 30,000 pesos, due to the devaluation of the currency and the appreciation of bitcoin,” he says. Unfortunately, the wallet key was lost, and with it also that first investment.

Training and law in the field of bitcoin

Before embarking on this new television project, Ferratto dedicated himself to training in the world of cryptocurrencies. “My first approach was doing interviews, but then I studied at an academy in Spain.” To further deepen this knowledge, specialized in digital law , and so today it uses all the information acquired “for communication and to advise those who need it.”

The journalist and broadcaster considers that bitcoin “is still at 5% of its growth”, but assures that “both the demand and the crypto companies that are emerging are increasing.” For this reason, he considers, “it is an ideal time to enter and wake up, especially due to the situation in this part of the world, with the devaluation of the peso and the dollar that does not leave much room to protect our income and our values.”

With this in mind, Criptovisión has the plan to issue its own non-fungible tokens relative to the first season of the show, as well as to have access to “virtual encounters” with the hosts.


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