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Bitcoin ATMs in the world have quadrupled since January 2020

Since 2016, bitcoin (BTC) ATMs have been growing consistently more than 100% per year. However, according to ATM Radar figures, the total number of ATMs installed has already quadrupled since January 2020. Today, September 22, 2021, ATM Radar reports 27,823 installed bitcoin ATMs, which almost doubles the 13,996 registered for on January 1 of this year.

In the last 12 months, the growth of bitcoin ATMs has been 183%, according to ATM Radar. This allows us to assume that the current year will close with a percentage higher than 100%. In fact, if we estimate the numbers of bitcoin ATMs for the fourth quarter, applying an average monthly growth of the last months (8%), the estimate of ATMs for the end of 2021 would be 38,870 ATMs of installed bitcoins .

This would represent a growth of 177% for this year, while 2020 grew 119% compared to 2019 , in ATMs installed on a global scale. The following graph shows the annual growth of bitcoin ATMs since 2016, with data from ATM Radar and the CriptoNoticias estimate of the closing figure for 2021.

According to CriptoNoticias estimate, the growth of bitcoin ATMs in the world this year will be 177%. Source: CriptoNoticias with data from ATM Radar.

The United States dominates in ATMs bitcoin installed

In the distribution of bitcoin ATMs by countries, there is a notorious dominance of The United States, with 24,428 of the 27,823 bitcoin ATMs installed in the world. This allocates 87.8% of total ATMs to the US while Canada ranks a distant second with 1,921 installed bitcoin ATMs, or 6.9%. The third place in the world corresponds to a Latin American country, El Salvador, with 205 ATMs installed .

Distribution of bitcoin ATMs. Source: CriptoNoticias with data from Radar ATM.

As can be seen in the graph, only six other countries appear with more than 100 ATMs installed, in addition to those that occupy the first three places: Spain, Austria, Switzerland, Hong Kong, United Kingdom and Poland. The remaining 69 countries have less than 100 bitcoin ATMs, and 21 of these have only 1 ATM installed, including Venezuela.

Latin America still lags behind in bitcoin ATMs

Only 12 countries in Latin America have bitcoin ATMs installed in their territory. The fact that bitcoin reached legal tender status in El Salvador on September 7, as reported by CriptoNoticias, gave an important boost to the installation of bitcoin ATMs in that country.

Of 341 bitcoin ATMs present in Latin American countries, El Salvador has 205, according to ATM Radar. That represents 60% of the total equipment installed in the region . Colombia, with 50 ATMs and participation of 14.7%, is in second place, followed by Brazil (21), Panama (17) and the Dominican Republic (15). Since mid-August, Salvadoran President Nayib Bukele explained the start-up of the bitcoin ATMs that were installed in the Central American country, as we reported in this medium.

Thanks to his outstanding participation In the region and in the world, El Salvador has also achieved positioning in other areas of the ATM Radar statistics. In the section of manufacturers of bitcoin ATMs, in which Genesis Coin, General Bytes and BitAcces dominate with an accumulated of more than 20,000 bitcoin ATMs, Chivo ATM, the manufacturer of ATMs in El Salvador, is located in tenth place , with 231 teams.

To the 205 Chivo bitcoin ATMs installed in El Salvador, there must be an additional 50 installed in several cities in the United States, as reported by CriptoNoticias , which are used by Salvadorans to send remittances.

El Salvador’s participation in Latin bitcoin ATMs America is 60%. Source: ATM Radar.

Argentina and Mexico, with 12 and 11 bitcoin ATMs respectively, complete 97% of the devices in the region. For their part, Chile (3), Peru (3), Costa Rica (2), Venezuela (1) and Ecuador (1) accumulate only 3% of bitcoin ATMs. A significant percentage of countries in the region, such as Uruguay, Paraguay, Honduras, Bolivia and Guatemala are not yet registered in the list published by ATM Radar.

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