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Billions of fines go to him for weak passwords

Many smart devices and widgets that use the Internet already come with a random password at the factory. The most obvious example of this is a field router provided by an ISP, which usually has a password stamped on the bottom / side with noble simplicity – although fortunately the following statement is never true for these

Unfortunately, in other cases it is too common that these passwords are a snap and many users don’t care about changing them, which could make it much easier for cybercriminals.

under the new laws, easy-to-guess passwords such as “admin” or “password” will be banned, so new devices must have a unique password that cannot be reset to a universal factory setting.

In addition to the above, the manufacturer is obliged to inform customers in more detail about the subject and to have public access to the safety well. also for lakes. And after the new laws come into force, heavy fines could be imposed on companies that do not meet the requirements. The maximum amount of a fine that can be imposed can reach £ 10 million, which translates into more than HUF 4 billion

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