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Bilawal condemns world powers’ indifference towards Indian brutality in IIOJK at G20 meeting

MUZAFFARABAD: Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari sharply criticized international community Monday for turning a blind eye to the savagery of India in Illegally Indian Occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IIOJK), stating that “it is unwise to sacrifice eternal principles”. for short-term interests.”

“Today I ask world if the country can be allowed to refuse on their solemn obligations to the United Nations, break their own promises and flagrantly international law just because they want k, he said in address to the Legislative Assembly of Azad Jammu and Kashmir.

“I must emphasize here that the obligations under the resolutions of the UN Security Council are inviolable. They don’t watch the whims of chauvinistic political party diluted with a pass of time.”

Foreign minister’s comments sounded like the work of a G20 tourism group group meets in IIOJK in V first international event in V region since its annexation by India on August 5, 2019

He said India was “abusing” its position as G20 chairman by hosting event in occupied territory, which was declared disputed in accordance with international law. “This is another display of haughtiness of india on V world stage.”

He pointed out that IIOJK has become an openair prison with thousands of Kashmiri Muslims were killed, disappeared or blinded as their lands were confiscated and property bulldozed and their culture disintegrated.

mayhem continues under India’s draconian laws, he said, allowing officials of the occupying forces to go unpunished. for their crimes. “This wretched eternal and systematic Indian barbarism is not just violates international the law is bullying of accepted norms of basic human rights.

“You can’t lyric about international law and UN Security Council resolutions in Europe in European context, and then turn a blind eye to the violation of same international law in context of Kashmir,” he repeated.

Foreign minister emphasized that for Pakistan, settlement of Kashmir dispute was not a matter of choice, but of duty.

“My presence here today is a testament of our nation support and strong commitment to Kashmir cause” Bilawal told the crowd.

He said that while Pakistan wanted good connections with all of their neighbors, including India, they could not be reached through “controversial denial”. Saying that India remains hostile, he called on neighboring country to take steps promotes dialogue.

“There is clear distinction between terrorism and peoplegenuine quest for Liberty. Terrorism cannot be should not be used as an excuse to deny Kashmiri people their fundamental rights and their fundamental freedoms,” he said.

He turned to international community urge India to restore occupied Kashmir special the status he had before August 5, 2019; implement relevant UN Security Council resolutions; ensure that this does not change the demographic composition of the occupied territory and does not allow non-Kashmiris to acquire property or residence permit; stop human rights violations; repeal their draconian emergency laws and withdraw their severe military presence in Kashmiri cities, towns and villages; ensure unhindered access UN, OIC and human rights organizations and international media to investigate the situation.

“I assure the Kashmiris people of Unlimited moral, diplomatic and political support. We stood next to them for decades and I assure you that we will stand for as long as our Kashmiri brothers seek their legal rights,” Bilawal concluded.

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