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Bilawal claims Pakistan’s non-participation in SCO with India is due to Kashmir actions

ISLAMABAD: Minister for Bilawal Bhutto for Foreign Affairs on Thursday said it office took a position of principle not to seek two-way communication with his Indian colleagues at the SCO meeting in connection with the actions of the latter in Kashmir in 2019.

Senate Standing Committee Briefing on foreign affairs on SCO meeting, which he attended in India earlier this year he said it was hard decision act after India’s actions in Kashmir in 2019, adding that there is no interest in first in participation in SCO meeting for emotional reasons. “But I sat down to think and decided join because it was a multilateral meeting,” he said. added.

He continued by saying that he also used forum meeting to meet FM of other countries except one to strike a meaningful blow dialogue.

He went on say another point of it office believed that its founders were Russia and China – our all-weather Friend. “Because the DPM took over it has made SCO and Central Asia countries her priority,” he said. added.

It was a strong message show how seriously we took SCO, he added.

He said that the host gave the Pakistani delegation full protocol during the meeting, adding that Indian Foreign Minister Jaishankar acted professionally. “But I’m sorry he used some words behind my back,” He added.

It was an abuse of chair of SCO, he argued.

He said he wasn’t in service of call off any platform adding that it also put forward Pakistan’s position towards the West too. “We considered it necessary to take part in the SCO not only because of SCO, but also present our position to world,” He added.

Why would we give them the opportunity to go unhindered, he asked.

He said that also tried to get information from all members of the PDM, adding that it turned out out be great opportunity. “India wanted abuse the SCO platform to set their agenda without objection,” he said. added.

Our host [Indian FM] mentioned some problems in his speech, he said, adding that [Mr Bhutto] was able to refute India’s attempt to portray Muslims and Pakistanis as terrorists. “I told them that the number of victims in Pakistan more than all of them put together, he added.

Bilawal Bhutto said he took the opportunity to bust myths about Muslims, Pakistanis and Kashmiris, adding that India does not want to go further but Pakistan wanted. “We should attract with Indian media dispel that impression,” he said. added.

How for bilateral relations, he said it was a positive visit in general.

Asked about the immediate security threat from Afghanistan, he said he had reminded his colleagues that Pakistan would not be the first to last victim, adding that had it not been taken seriously, it would have been a disaster. “Number of the number of terrorist attacks jumped from five to fifty after the fall of Kabul, he added.

He said he had one set out the agenda during the bilateral meeting, adding that he made their clear What issue of active terrorist organization in The problem of Pakistan needs to be solved.

Was it one thing standing between Pakistan and Afghanistan, he said, adding that he said if it was resolved they could face V world together. “Borders can only be controlled support both sides,” he said. added.

Pakistan did not evoke sympathy for problems, if not of will resist those [terrorist] groups, he said.

He said he passed on to his colleagues in clear words that are both countries had work tackle these issues closely. “It’s a long way,” he said. added.

Bilawal said that he wanted problems between Muslim countries settle by adding that China played the biggest role in referring to it. “The world was the measure in in the past but now environment does not reflect the will to peace, it added.

That was the time of increased tensions between states, he said, but China has not only shown itself to be a superpower, but also a peacemaker, intervening in the world with Iran and Saudi Arabia. “We’ve seen ripple effects of this relationship, he added.

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