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Bilaval’s visit to New York is an attempt to find a balance – Newspaper

UNITED NATIONS/ISLAMABAD: Visit of Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari expected in New York this week to attend a two-day conference on global food security at UN Headquarters and possibly one-on-one meeting with US secretary of Anthony Blinken’s fortune.

Mr. Blinken will chair the May 18-19 conference to review food security challenges triggered Russia’s war on Ukraine. Ukraine was main source of food supplies to some African and Middle Eastern countries.

Foreign minister reaches New York on May 17 and contact first session of food security conference on May 18 at UN Headquarters. He will also refer to second session, on May 19 at the UN Security Council.

foreign ministers one-on-one meeting with Secretary Blinken can happen on aside of conference as a separate meeting in Washington seems unlikely.

PPP Chairman Reassures Chinese Citizens of complete security; asks ministers set goals for themselves

Pakistan mission the UN promotes foreign ministers to participate in a conference on food security, while the embassy in Moikaton works on expected bilateral meeting.

On Thursday, Mr. Bhutto-Zardari spoke virtually at the White House Covid-19 Summit and acknowledged that “the US has been extremely generous.” in supply of 62 million vaccines to Pakistan.

He, however, added that “China from the very beginning also supported us extremely”, emphasizing Islamabadh need maintain a balance between the two main world strength.

Pakistan decision participate in conference to highlight the impact of Russia invasion on supply of food around the world, indicates a major shift away from the policy of former prime minister Imran Khan.

Security for Chinese

Also on On Saturday, Mr. Bhutto-Zardari assured the position of security for Chinese citizens and said government won’t rest until the criminals of Karachi attack were sentenced to exemplary punishment.

He spoke at a memorial service held at the Foreign Office to pay tribute to the victims. of 26 April attack in which four people, including three Chinese teachers, died.

In an attempt to appease the Chinese governmentforeign minister said: “We will also No allow anyone harm our iron friendship.”

“I also use of this opportunity to promise complete safety and maximum security for our Chinese friends in Pakistan. You are our guests and we are determined ensure your safety and comfort in our country, he added.

He welcomed the three Chinese citizens. who were killed in in attack as “dedicated, caring and loving teachers” and stated that they were pursuing noble goals. mission teach Pakistani students in Chinese language and building bridges between two peoples.

Meeting of ministers

Separately, presiding over the meeting of federal ministers of PPP on On Saturday, Mr. Bhutto-Zardari was briefed on future plans of their respective ministries.

According to official handout issued by the PPP press office, Mr. Bhutto-Zardari was also instructed on in performance of in ministries the respective federal ministers and future plans regarding public welfare.

Speaking on case, foreign minister said that the immediate solution to the problem problems of in people was possible only ‘when you have a strong connection with in common Human.”

One of ministers said Dawn that the chairman of the PPP presided over a virtual meeting in which he had also asked them set goals.

Published in Dawn, May 15, 2022


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