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Biggest rail strikes in the UK in decades after last-channel conversations fail | Railway industry

Biggest railroad strikes in three decades will start on Tuesday after late negotiations failed get out of the rut, with RMT union leadership warning that the strikes willrun as long as it’s needed run”.

Most trains in UK will be canceled on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday in dispute over payment and terms. Only a skeletal service will run on main lines in and around urban areas.

London Underground workers will also strike for 24 hours on Tuesday, delivery of capital transport system to stop.

RMT general secretary, Mick Lynch, said the railroad dispute could not be resolved without government “removal of shackles” on Railroad and train network operating companies. All parts of railway industry, as well as transport for London was told to find savings with Fare revenues fall after Covid.

But transportation secretary, Grant Shapps, said negotiations remain a matter of for employers. He said that the strikes were “organized by some of in best-paid union barons representing some of higher paid workers in this country, which will cause misery and chaos to millions of passengers.”

RMT said the payment offer was made by train operating companies in last-channel conversations on Monday is believed to be around 2-3%, with conditions and no guarantees against mandatory layoffs. union turned down an offer and a similar offer from Network Rail on Friday.

Lynch said the proposals were unacceptable, adding: “We have come to understand that dead hand of this tory government it’s all over this dispute – and fingerprints of Grant Shapps and DNA of rishi sunak all over in problems in railroad and indeed in it’s a society.”

He said the source of the dispute was governments decision “cut £4bn of funding from national rail and TfL… are forcing the companies to save money on transport… and they are blocking the settlement of this dispute.”

Lynch said, “While they allow employers to negotiate freely, I do not see that we are going to reach a settlement … Our campaign will run as long as it’s needed run until we get an agreement acceptable to us people”.

When asked if a strike last otherwise, Lynch said, “I think so.”

However, he said that RMT remains available for conversations during the week.

Network Rail said the higher pay rise – though far away below in current 11% RPI inflation rate – would possible if it is related to modernization of maintenance and register.

Andrew Haynes, Executive Director of Network Rail stated: “No strike is inevitable until it begins. But unfortunately, disruptions are guaranteed tomorrow, so we ask passengers to plan ahead and only travel by train if necessary.

“We continue to talk to RMT and urge them to work with us find a solution that works for railway workers and taxpayers, as well as to prevent further violations for our passengers.”

Train operators stated that they were “very disappointed” that union turned around down them last- Refuse the offer. Steve Montgomery, Chairman of The Railroad Delivery Group (RDG) said: “Passenger numbers are still around 80%. of pre-pandemic level, industry remains strives to give a fair deal on pay without taking more how is that fair share from taxpayers. This can only be achieved by improving like offering the best services on Sunday – this reflects changing needs of passengers so that we can attract more back”.

RDG said train operators’ collective payroll has increased from £3.1bn. in 2017-18 to £3.6bn in 2019-2020, due in part to an increase in headcount, but also due to government supported the industry with an additional £16bn during the pandemic.

Speaking in communities, Shapps said, “We’ll leave it to the employers, who right people negotiate with unions.” However, he added: “The industry must change.”

“We are not imposing a freeze on wages … But let me be clear, for modernization and reform to work we must have alliances who ready for modernization, otherwise there can be no deal,” Shapps said.

YouGov poll commissioned by RDG found that about 25% of voters supported the RMT action, while 39% did not.

Absence of Network Rail’s signalmen will have the most influence among the 40,000 workers on strike, including the onboard crew and station personnel of 13 railway companies.

The strike will stop the provision of services for six days, with later start as well as reduced schedules on days without a strike and leave the majority of Wales, Scotland, rural northern England and southwest without trains for a lot of of a week.

TfL advised to avoid travel on all of his services on Tuesday, with there are virtually no Underground trains and London Overground buses and trains that can be jammed and disrupted.

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