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Biden: We will continue to support Saudi Arabia in defending its sovereignty

US President Joe Biden announced Thursday that he will continue to support Saudi Arabia in defending its sovereignty and its lands from threats by forces supported by Tehran.

He said in a speech from the State Department, which is his first On the international policies of his administration, Thursday, “Saudi Arabia is facing attacks from an Iranian-backed force.”

He also announced the resumption of US diplomacy after four years of the retreat of the United States’ international commitments under Donald Trump, saying “We will restore alliances to face challenges, and diplomacy must be relied upon,” indicating that we will work with our partners to strengthen democracy and the rule of law. Russia’s desire to weaken our democracy. ” He added, “I clearly said to Russian President Vladimir Putin, very differently from my predecessors, that the time in which the United States was subject to Russia’s aggressive actions (…) is over.”

The end of the war in Yemen

On the Yemeni issue, he said, “I asked my team to support the ceasefire initiative in Yemen,” announcing the cessation of support for combat operations in Yemen, stressing the importance of putting an end to the war in Yemen.

He also explained the importance of returning To the principle of joint international cooperation, and he said, we agreed with Russia to extend the START agreement, stressing, “I explained to President Putin my disagreement with my predecessors.” We will work to get America involved in the international arena. ”

He added,“ We ​​will work with China, but according to what serves America’s interest, and international cooperation must be made to confront Corona. ”

The number of immigrants

In addition, Biden announced his intention to double the number of immigrants that the United States receives annually by eight times, compared to the restrictions Imposed by Donald Trump at the end of his term.

In line with his campaign promises, the new president has set 125,000 the number of immigrants who can be accepted under the resettlement program, compared to 15,000 in the current fiscal year.

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees estimates that there are 1.4 million refugees worldwide in urgent need of resettlement.

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