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Biden tested positive for covid again in Case “Rebound”

President Biden tested positive for coronavirus again on Saturday morning, becoming latest example of a case of rebound after Paxlovid treatment that was otherwise enrolled with widely impressive results in fighting the virus and suppressing its worst effects.

“The President has not experienced any re-emergence of symptoms and continues to feel well,” said Dr. Kevin S. O’Connor, White House physician. in press release office. “In that case, no reason to resume treatment at this time, but we will obviously continue to monitor closely.”

The “rebound” of positivity, as Dr. O’Connor called it, meant that Mr. Biden was forced to resume “strong measures.” isolation procedures” in preservation with medical advice. White House announced that the president will no longer go to his place home in Wilmington, Delaware on Sunday as planned and visit to Michigan as scheduled. on Tuesday to promote the newly passed law supporting domestic semiconductor industry.

Mr Biden played down in development. “Guys, today I have a positive result. for COVID-19 again,” he wrote on Twitter. “It happens with a small minority of close ones. I don’t have symptoms but I’m going to isolate myself for in safety of all around me. I’m still at work and will back on road soon”.

White House later posted video of the president on Truman Balcony with his dog Commander and he looked good. “I feel good,” he said. “All good”.

Mr. Biden first positive test result for COVID-19 on On July 21, there were sore throats, runny nose, cough, body pain and fatigue. Five days later of isolation it gave a negative result on Tuesday night and back in the Oval Office on Wednesday, stating that his relatively mild case demonstrated how a lot of progress was made in Fighting the virus that killed more how one million Americans.

But doctors watched for signs of rebound case and made sure to keep experiencing it every day. He gave a negative result on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday before antigen positive result on Saturday morning.

Paxlovid’s rebound became the source of debate within the scientific community and among Covid patients. Initial Clinical Studies of a drug that made Pfizer suggested that only about 1 percent up to 2 percent of treated with Paxlovid experienced symptoms again. Research published in June, which has not yet been peer-reviewed found what of 13,644 adults, about 5 percent positive test result again within 30 days and 6 percent experienced symptoms again.

But anecdotal messages of Paxlovid’s rebound, including a case involving Dr. Anthony S. Fauci, the president’s chief medical adviser, caused widespread outcry, leading many to question whether the data reported was still accurate as new and much more contagious subvariant of BA.5 spreads through communities and re-infects even patients who recently recovered from Covid-19.

“I think it was predictable,” said Dr. Jonathan Reiner, renowned cardiologist and professor of Medicine and Surgery at the George Washington University Hospital, wrote on Twitter on Saturday after the approval of the President test was revealed. He added that “previous data suggesting a ‘rebound’ in the positivity of Paxlovid in lower single digits are obsolete” and that real the number was probably significant higher.

Either way, the experts stressed that Paxlovid was particularly successful in prevention more severe Covid-19 illnesses and hospitalizations. and centers for Disease Control and Prevention Study Published in June reported that the symptoms of a relapse are generally milder than during a primary infection and are unlikely to go away. lead to hospitalization.

“As long as we keep following real-world data, we remain very confident in the effectiveness of the treatment in preventing the severe consequences of Covid-19,” said Pfizer spokeswoman Amy Rose. in statement on Saturday.

CDC issues health emergency alert in Let it be said people survives a rebound event”should run again isolation and isolate again” for at least five days, which reflects general isolation recommendations for people infected with virus. Advisory also said recovery does not represent re-infection with virus or resistance to Paxlovid.

Dr. Ashish K. Jha, the White House Covid-19 response coordinator, told reporters when Mr. Biden first gave a positive result that, looking at Twitter, “it seems like everyone has a rebound, but it turns out out in fact, there is clinical evidence” to the contrary. Moreover, according to him, “Paxlovid is really good at preventing serious diseases, with or without relapse, and that is why it was offered to him, and that is why the President took It.”

Dr. Paul G. Auwarter, Clinical director in infectious diseases division at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine has said it is unlikely that Mr Biden, who fully vaccinated and revaccinated twicewould become seriously ill. He added that scientists tried to explain why some people experience connected of virus.

Dr. Auwarter said that among his Covid-19 patients who have relapsed, many of they had recent Omicron sub-variants. No one was hospitalized during recovery. These highly infectious and vaccine-evading forms of virus, it is added cause people to test positive for longer.

Dr. Auvarter said that taking the drug can be like “moving in goal posts” in well of an infection that suppresses the virus but does not completely clear it. However, he said, highlyrisk people should “absolutely” still taking medication.

Dr. John P. Moore, a virologist at Weill Cornell Medicine, said researchers are still missing the correlation between age and age. risk factors or vaccination status. “I did not hear anyone come up with final cause,” he said. “He just unlucky guy in in one out of 20. It just numbers game”.

Dr. Moore said that if data could support such a move the federal regulators can want consider a longer course of drug to get rid of body of virus. “The easiest thing is to go back on Drug for longer,” he said.

Mr. Biden’s rebound case will complicate his efforts to turn his illness into a positive. story. Like the oldest president in of the nation’s history79-year-old Mr. Biden really wanted to show what he remains suitable, especially since it predicts plans to run for a second term in 2024. He continued work from the White House residence during his first isolation, appearing on video in front of several groups, and then made triumphant return to work in human on Wednesday.

Instead of of narration of However, having beaten the virus, the case of the rebound of the president adds to the unpleasant reality that the pandemic is not going to go away. Although death the number of victims has fallen sharply, Covid-19 remains a fact of life for Americans, some of who have been infected several times times.

Mr Biden new positive test May also raise questions about his fidelity to precautionary measures against infecting others after returning to office. Aides said he would wear a mask until with others, but in each public he appearance made from Wednesday face remained unclosed.

Aides said he was socially distancing from others and that he was careful in avoid exposure of assistants, agents and members of the secret service of home staff. White House Medical Department found what 17 people was in close contact with Mr Biden before his initial positive test but how of On Wednesday, none of them gave a positive result.

Until the president wore a mask in video on Saturday, photographer issued by the White House showed him wearing one when he signed the disaster statement in response to the flood in Kentucky.

Dr. Auwarter said Mr. Biden may not have put others in great risk in in last a few days even without wearing mask since he was tested for virus regularly and tests were negative. For those who do not regularly test, it would be wise to continue, he said. wearing tight-fitting and quality mask, especially around the risk peoplebecause of how there may be infectious sub-variants of Omicron.

But new positive test will also set back Biden’s efforts to get back on way to advance your agenda and campaign for democrats facing climb struggle keep under control of both houses of Congress in midterm elections this fall.

President, whose approval rating was only 33 percent in New York Times/Siena College poll in July has been described as eager to travel the country after a binge of overseas travel but updated isolation delay it further.

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