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Biden tested positive for coronavirus again after the “rebound” of Pakslovid


President Biden tested positive for coronavirus again on On Saturday, his doctor said, after he experienced a “rebound” from Paxlovid.

The president’s doctor, Kevin O’Connor, said Biden tested negative. on Tuesday evening, Wednesday morning, Thursday morning and Friday morning. He tested positive on Saturday morning using antigen test.

The doctors warned that people who you can get the antiviral drug Paxlovid experience “rebound” of infection a few days after the initial negative test result, although the data on Frequency of occurrence and its duration term consequences remain dont clear.

O’Connor said in letter stating that Biden has not reappeared of symptoms and “continues to feel quite well.”

“In that case, no reason to resume treatment at this time, but we will obviously continue to monitor closely,” O’Connor wrote. Biden will go back in isolation at the White House, O’Connor added.

Biden was supposed to go to Wilmington, Delaware. on Sunday and Hemlock, Michigan on On Tuesday, but both trips were cancelled, two White House officials said.

The trip to Michigan was for en event in support of $52 billion bill for subsidies computer chip manufacturing and research and resist Chinese influence known as the Chip and Science Act. Law passed by both houses of Congress is this week and is awaiting Biden’s signature. It was unclear if Biden would participate in Tuesday event remotely.

Biden was likely infected with option BA.5, said O’Connor last week, omicron subvariant that became dominant in USA and is the most contagious version of virus yet. BA.5 showed great ability to escape immune protection caused by vaccines and previous coronavirus infection.

Biden came out of his five-day isolation on Wednesday and delivered a speech from the Rose Garden about how his mild covid infection was a reflection of administration’s response to the pandemic and tools It was made widely available, including antiviral, pri-home tests and boosters.

He spent series of public events This week in support of CHIPS account and on in economy. Biden held neither public events on Friday.

Biden removed his mask for a little of in events. White House Press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said that Biden is still in agreement with guides from centers for Disease control and prevention because it has been more how six legs apart from others.

CDC guidance recommends people isolate for five days after a positive test result for coronavirus and wear a mask for additional five days when around others. Some experts say management can cause people come back to work or leave isolation when they are potentially still contagious.

Besides Biden, notable figures who past ricochet infections include 81-year- old Anthony S. Fauci, chief medical adviser to the president, who contracted the coronavirus this summer. Recurrence of the infection can also lead to further complications, tk. with primary infection, but many people describe their symptoms as mild.

Paxlovid which is accepted in five-day course, suppresses amount of virus in human system while treatment is in progress. Some experts suggest infection rebounds occur because the five-day course is too short and should extend by a few days ensure that the virus has been destroyed.

Biden reviewed his case for restoration on Twitter on Saturday but calm people he continued work and resume the journey soon.

“Guys, today I have a positive result. for COVID-19 again. It happens with a small minority of close,” Biden wrote on Twitter. “I don’t have symptoms, but I’m going to isolate for in safety of all around me. I’m still at workand will back on road soon”.

Dan Diamond contributed to this report.

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