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Biden says he feels great’like Covid symptoms begin weaken

“I had two full nights of sleep all way through,” he told reporters. who asked him questions virtually after he participated in en event via videoconference from the White House residence.

“Matter of fact my dog had to wake me up up this morning, he went on explain by looking into his Covid isolation. “My wife is not here, she usually takes him out in in the morning while I work upstairs out so I could feel it through my nose of my dog ​​nose against my chest is five minutes to seven.”

“I feel good — my voice still hoarse,” he continued.

Earlier Monday, Biden’s doctor said his symptoms were “almost completely gone” after five days. with disease.

“During interrogation at this point, he only notes some residual nasal congestion and minimal hoarseness,” Dr. Kevin O’Connor wrote. in a letter disclosing his status.

It was improvement since the weekend when O’Connor said Biden had a sore throat, body pain and loose cough. Participated in a virtual meeting on Biden cleared his throat several times on Friday times and had a noticeable rasp to it voice.

On Monday, the annoyance had not yet completely subsided, although Biden assured reporters that it was “normal.” for well.”

The President stated that he in battery of tests every evening, checking “everything from temperature to oxygen in my in my blood, my pulse.”

‘For now everything is good, I mean everything on button, he said.

O’Connor said in his letter is Biden’s pulse, breath rate and temperature were normal – as they remained throughout the course of his illness, according to his doctor, and that his oxygenation was “excellent” on room air. He has no short of breath, O’Connor said.

Biden tested positive for COVID-19 last Thursday, and suffered the illness from the White House residence. He canceled plans go to Florida this week but will attend in virtual events Monday.

Speaking to reporters, President took note that he “held full schedule”under isolation, including “four major events Today.”

“I don’t stay the same hours but you know I meet all my requirements who came before me and we do decisions on whole range of and other topics,” he said.

At his residence, Biden spoke to advisers on the phone and held video calls. But his wife who negative result for COVID-19 again on Monday, visited them home in Delaware and staff inside building was reduced down to limit exposure.

Biden, 79, is “particularly conscientious” in defending residence staff, White House officials and the Secret Service. personnel from a virus that has been determined to be a highly transmissible variant of BA.5, O’Connor wrote. in his letter. BA.5 is currently the predominant strain of virus in United States.

Another physician, Covid Response Coordinator Dr. Ashish Jha, was set to update reporters on Biden’s condition later on Monday. Jha did not treat the president directly but spoke to him over well of his illness.

O’Connor has not directly talk with journalists on the state of the president and the White House did not provide specifics on Biden’s illness goes beyond O’Connor’s daily memos.

The White House was keen to emphasize that Biden’s symptoms were mild because he was vaccinated and boosted, and he began a course of of antiviral Paxlovid, as soon because it gave a positive result. O’Connor said in Biden completed his letter on the fourth full day of Paxlovid on Sunday.

Vice President Kamala Harris, who considered close contact of Biden last week, test negative for COVID-19 on Monday before trip to Indiana for en event concentrated on abortion access.

This story was updated with additional reporting and background.

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