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Bi Nguyen will face Brad Raffensperger in race for Georgia secretary of state

cloudy morning in Stafford, VA, CNN spoke with number of GOP voters at the Courthouse Community Center located in Virginia’s 7th congressional district – county currently represented by Democratic Rep. Abigail Spanberger, but one Where is the Republican Party going? build on his achievements in november race for a Democratic-held seat in the US House of Representatives.

upper of intelligence for those Republican voters on Tuesday were inflation, immigration and education.

Jenny Austin, 62 years old.year- old voter who did not dare to go to the polls on Tuesday, said she noticed rising grocery prices when mushroom soup became $2 a can. She said road improvement and gas prices were also areas of anxiety.

Austin, who was a democrat former President Barack Obama second term and voted for former President Donald Trump in both in 2020 and 2016, condemned current “denigration” in politics.

Cisco Sividanes, 77-year- an old retired marine who used to work for state, said that while he used to spend $275 per week on food, now he spends 290 dollars.

“What are they doing in Washington influences us here in Northern Virginia, he said.

“Now it doesn’t work real Well. So many families struggling,” said Linda Robertson, a 74-year-old woman.year-old retired school bus driver who drove students of all ages for 30 years in Stafford.

She quoted rising gas prices as problem. As a widow, Robertson said: “This hard be yourself”.

She is also called immigration a major problem and told Trump who she voted for in 2020 and 2016, “was not a politician”, but rather a “businessman” and “made good Work.”

“I left off deep end cause i’m tired of what’s happening on,” said Juliette Schweiter, substitute teacher and mother of three teenagers. Schweiter, a Stafford County voter, volunteered. with Crystal Vanuch campaign for Congress is in the election on Tuesday and is listed as someone who supported Vanukh on Vanuha campaign website.

Vanuh is current Stafford County Council President and Republican nominee for seat in the US House of Representatives.

“I have made this is my personal job to be in politics,” Schweiter said, adding that he was talking to her community and friends about politics and importance of vote. Schweiter rallied for Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin last November and told her neighbors about him, she said.

She quoted the border critical race theory (CRT), second amendment rights and inflation as key areas of concern and said current the administration isthrowing his hands up saying “I don’t know what to do.'”

“I have always voted on problems,” Schweiter said. “Democratic party gone off deep end.

Edward O’Brien, 59year- an old Republican voter, said he was “disgusted with the whole list of issues”, and also listed “border”, “restrictions, on Production of fossil fuels” and “forced production of electric vehicles”as the most relevant of his worries.

“People don’t want fast transition to electricity vehicles,” he said.

Likewise Michelle West, 59-year- veteran Republican voter who voted for Trump in 2020 and 2016, said education, border and inflation also the three main questions that matter most to her. She said she wanted to see.”more Parent involvement” in schools and believes that “CRT should be removed.”

Anthony Johnson, CNN Democratic voter spoke with in Stafford on On Tuesday, he said that “voter rights”, “gender equality” and “human rights” of paramount importance.

“It’s a right, a privilege and an honor vote”, 56-yearsaid the old democrat.


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