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Bharatiya Janata says what is it , like Rahul Gandhi, it will be on Streets like Mamata Rap MP | India latest news

Following reports that the President of West Bengal minister Mamata Banerjee gave an early speech to Trinamool MP Mahwa Muitra recently. party A meeting asks her to focus on Her constituency, BJP Mahwa Moitra, said, like Rahul Gandhi, it will be on Streets soon’though for Completely different reasonHe described it as a favorite of the left but unwelcome. in hers partyBJP’s Amit Malviya said Mamata Banerjee makes her humiliation a point. in publicreferring to a similar incident that took place in Dec last year. In his party, Malviya also Brought up arguing over goddess kali, in that party did not support Mahwa statement.

Mohwa Muitra, who He tarnished his reputation with Kali, baby of The left gang is persona non grata in hers party. Mamata Banerjee makes her humiliation a point in public. In this rateshe also, like Rahul Gandhi, it will be on the streets though for Completely different reason…,” Malviya tweeted.

The leader of Firebrand Trinamool is my voice against BJP and remains in The news for her fiery tweets against BJP, some of them are targeting Amit Malvya too. at recent days party At the meeting, Mamata is believed to have told Mahwa not to interfere in The organizational party affairs outside her constituency. “what is it , who Give post And the who no give not important. that it for The party to think about it. Karimpur is not your area, it is Abu Taher and Siri. You just focus on Mamata said to Mahua.

My leader asked me to…”: Facebok Mahwa Muitra post

after the meeting in Mamata Banerjee criticized by Mahwa, MP Lok Sabha who very active on Twitter took on Facebook and made Along post in Bengal. In which postShe said even after becoming a Member of Parliament for Krishnagar in 2019, continued to work for Kaimpur – Her former assembly seat, which she represented from 2016 to 2019. “My connections with Karimpur as former MLA and as Elector of Will remain The same. But my captain asked me to give more Time for assembly seats of My Lok Sabha Circle. So I ask for everything of You have to contact Representative Abu Taher Khan of which – which area for Which development workBooks by Mahwa Muytra.

Cali controversy

Class over goddess kali made Trinamol Conference distance From Mahwa Moytra comment She considers the goddess a meat-loving and alcoholic deity – being her devotee. The comments caused an uproar with Several FIR . reports have been submitted against what is it in different countries. The party She said she doesn’t punish her comments, after which Mahua unfollowed official Twitter handle of Trinamol.

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