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Bharatiya Janata Party leader statement on CM post Steals “gesture” Fadnawes of its luster

“she was with Heavy heart we decided to make it Aknat Shinde Chief Minister. It was sad…we had to take decision to convey a message outside. the sacrifice of Devendra Fadnavis, who It was CM Patil said at a BJP meeting in the state in Navi Mumbai on Saturday.

The party rushed to issue Clarifications and sought to downplay Patel’s remark by retracting his five-minute speech from social media. vice CM Devendra Fadnavis also He went on to clarify that “the BJP was determined to reward Shendi, who Keep the legacy of Pal Thackeray Hindutva alive and dare it walk out of government Along with 50 members,” adding that “the BJP was in politics Not for power but for use power as a way to serve people. Party spokespersons have been assigned the task of clarifying how Battle comment It was misinterpreted.

The announcement of Shinde like Chief Minister It was a surprise because the BJP with 106 MLAs, is the largest party in the home of 287 The natural plaintiff for post of The Chief Minister.

The announcement It was supposed to be a strong rejection of the leadership of the Uddhav Thackeray group, who claimed that the BJP had withdrawn. down “Sina CM”. He. She also He sent a message about the enlarged heart of the BJP in Absorbing Allies – Benefits of that party hope for reap in Upcoming BMC polls.

However, Patel off-Noting the cuff may have helped reveal real feelings inside party on The issuealong with carefully cultivated BJP peels show of magnanimity in Delivery CM Chair to Shinde.

Leadership decision To get the reluctant Fadnavis to be the deputy CM It was a shock to party Workers loyal to BJP leader.

they did not want Vadnavis, who is seen as the most BJP member powerful leader in state, to be second-in-Order. Also, keeping in mind that in In 2019, the BJP has set its foot down She refused to accept Uddhav Thackeray demand of equal power shareincluding rotation of The CM chair every 2.5 years, they have not seen reason Why should Vadnavis settle down for The second best profession.

Patel’s statements in The past They started a quarrel—especially when he asked ANC MP Supriya Sule to “leave back home and cooking instead of politics, when NCP Chairman Sharad Pawar described him as a “leader.” of a small party- But this might be a file first time for his notes caused uneasiness inside party.

a senior A BJP employee said, “Patil was addressing a BJP meeting. He was first Concave after forming of BJP-Shinde Alliance. Therefore, he was expressing party workers’ feelings. It was also Explanation of the sacrifice of Fadnavis who gave easily up The CM post to Shendi.” However, added This is ‘Patel should She was careful in the choice of his words.”

A BJP insider pointed out out: “Our main concern is that the alliance of Shinde Vadnavis should It works smoothly. We cannot afford to shake partners with notes or negligent work.”

The BJP hopes so win No less than 42 seats Lok Sabha out of 48 in 2024 and 200 seats out of 288 seats for the Assembly. The party Realizes she can’t do it jump – From the current 106 seats – without the Shind faction.

a senior The leader said: “Maha Vikas Agadi (MVA, A coalition of Congress, NCP and Shiv Sena), if allowed, would have been harmful for Bharatiya Janata Party. It will be politically isolated us in condition politics. “

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