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Bharatiya Janata Party leader son Arrested over murder of Uttarakhand girl who Work in his resort | summit points

Bharatiya Janata Party leader son It was named after prime Accused in The murder issue of teenager in Uttarakhand. Pulkit Arya, and prime The accused has been arrested for His alleged involvement in The murder of A 19-year-old girl who Work as a receptionist at his resort in Laxman Jhula area of Rishikesh. The girl has been reported missing on September 18.

How did the events stop?

1. The girl has been reported missing on September 18. According to police sources, I went to Rishikesh that night around 8 am with Pulkit Area, Resort manager Saurabh Bhaskar, and another accused named Ankit, nicknamed Pulkit Gupta.

2. On the way backThe trio stopped for a drink through a canal along Shilla Road. The girl had to wait for who are they finish their drinks.

3. After some time, a quarrel broke out out Between the threesome and the girl. The three girl accused men of Pregnancy out Illegal activities in the resort owned by Pulkit Arya and threatened to go public. in a fit of Outraged, the three allegedly pushed the girl into the canal.

4. the police on Friday said the missing report has been converted to a file murder issue. Uttarakhand Police Puri Garhul also Arrested main Accused Pulkit Arya who is the owner of The resort along with assistant manager Ankit Gupta and manager Saurabh Bhaskar.

5. The three defendants appeared in court on Friday and sent to 14 days of Judicial custody.

The father alleges molestation

The father of The girl claimed that the girl was molested by the accused and the audio recording was recorded of The accident was recorded.

The 19year old was a resident girl of Sarkot village in Puri Jharwal. She used to work as a receptionist at private Resort owned by Aria in Laxman Jhula area. to her family I submitted a missing report after it couldn’t be traced on September 18.

Based on on Missing Complaint, FIR Recorded Three Days Later, on September 21.

Uttarakhand police arrest 3

On Friday, the authorities arrested the three suspects in The murder He stated that they have thrown Her in the water after a dispute between them. “sections of murder and concealment of Manual – 302 and 201 of IPC slapped – on The accused “SSP of Puri Jarwal said she drowned in the incident.

The girl was missing for Five days. The area It falls under the authority of the Revenue Police. A missing complaint has been submitted with Revenue Police. The case has been transferred to the Laxman Jeolla Police on Thursday and within 24 hours The three suspects were arrested“Uttarakhand DJB Ashok Kumar told India today.

The body of Girl not yet recovered and SDRF (Disaster Response Status force) team I was on lookout for Her body reported to the police.

Accused in murder case in Uttarakhand

Pulkit Arya, who is the owner of The resort is son of former minister of Vinod Arya state. A source said Pulkit was involved in Controversy even during the epidemic lockdown after entering restricted area in Uttarkashi along with Controversial leader of Uttar Pradesh, Amarmani Tripathi. Tripathi accused of killing she was a woman in jail for 14 years over murder shipment.

Pulkit’s father Vinod Arya is a famous name in Bharatiya Janata Party. At present, he is a member of The national executive of BJP OBC Morcha. He is also a partner-in-Cost of UP and her also I was former minister of condition. him the other sonAnkit Arya, ho minister of condition. He is currently cum of Uttarakhand OBC Welfare Committee.

Nowadays, Pulkit is main Accused in The murder of The 19year-old hotel receptionist.

Police said the resort owner and the other defendants have escaped since the day of the girl’s disappearance.

Protests over murder case in Uttarakhand

On Friday, residents of Rishikesh staged demonstrations and protested against Grave crime. In the visuals accessed by India today, hundreds of Civilians were seen surrounding a police vehicle allegedly carrying the three murder Accused.

Visual images showed women in great Numbers, some even tend to the police vehicle in trying to confront the perpetrators.

Angry locals even vandalized his resort main Accused, Pulkit.

political war

Chief of Uttarakhand minister Pushkar Dami has instructed district judges to investigate each resort in state and inventory of Staff status. He also directed the authorities to ensure This strict and necessary procedure is implemented against Existing resorts operating Unlawfully or without legitimate compliance.

After a brief period arrest of The three defendants appeared on the roof after confessing to throwing The girl in the channel, Swati Maliwal, who He chairs the Delhi Committee for The women said, “Another daughter become a victim of cruelty. The murder of Uttarakhand daughter So sad. My God place The daughter at your feet. It is our responsibility to provide justice to me daughter. Give harsh punishment to criminals, regardless how powerful They are!”

14. Congress general secretary Priyanka Gandhi expressed her concern and said, “It is a responsibility of The government To provide security for working girls/workers and to make work sites safe. Governments should give priority for safety of women. Prompt action, severe punishment and appropriate sentences of women’s safety will solve this is problem Just.”

she also He wrote, “I can only imagine what this girl is parents It must pass.”

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